10 min Burn BACK FAT Workout || Get small waist & Fix body posture

hi guys welcome back so today we'll be training our back muscle so we train our core our arms our legs we seem to neglect our back which is really important because strengthen your back muscle can bring you a better body posture and also if you want to slim your waist you will definitely need to strengthen your back so without further ado let's go [Music] okay now stay on the floor we're going to warm up our shoulders hands on your shoulders and just draw circles to the back [Music] and now circle to the front [Music] so [Music] okay now interlacing your hand and just pull up your shoulders up and down up and down [Music] [Applause] [Music] squeeze up your shoulders lengthen your spine it's like someone's lifting you up [Music] now come to tabletop bend your elbows your knees extend your right leg to the back and rotate your torso to the left then bend your body elbows touch your knees you're a rebel getting into trouble you are kind of like a fire like a fire like a fire [Music] okay now do another side [Music] moving like a hurricane there will come a time for when we can wash away your sins settle down but until then [Music] okay now lie on your belly we're going to do a superman inhale as you lift your arms and legs off the floor and exhale as you release you're so different kind of ignorant you don't care what people say people say people say i'm going crazy for your baby okay now remain in the same position hands body ears only lift and twist your upper body to the side [Music] sins settle down but until then [Music] [Applause] okay now come up to tabletop extend your left hand up to the sky feel the stretch of your back and your chest then go under to your right shoulder we're going to repeat this for 30 seconds [Music] [Music] this time when you go under two right shoulders will remain the same position for 30 seconds extend your right hand and just breathe cause that is what my heart says [Music] [Music] slide your right hand in front of your face and support yourself up we're going to do another side [Music] i [Music] okay now slide your left hand above your head and hold that position [Music] and without slide your hands in front of your face support yourself up and get down lying on your belly [Music] extend your body put your abs in and just flatter your arms and your legs like you're swimming [Music] you always always [Music] now lift up your torso and swing your arms to the back feel the squeeze in your shoulder blades don't forget to lift up your legs [Music] [Music] is [Music] now get up we're doing an easy one from down dog to plank feel the stretch of your back [Music] now get down sit comfortably on the floor elbows meet elbows and just move up and down open shoulders up and down open shoulders this is a really good pose to train your arms your chest and your back muscle remember every time when you open your chest squeeze that shoulder blade [Music] and we are finished [Music] well thank you guys so much for watching and i hope you guys like it and if you found it really easy you can definitely do another round so for me i like to do twice so i'll just have one minutes break in between anyway stay healthy stay fit take care of yourself and i will see you guys [Music]

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