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10 Min Core & Upper Body | No Equip Home Workout!

Hey guys, it's the new summer challenge for 2023! This is a four-week program. We have five new episodes to help you on your fitness journey this summer. Make sure this workout is on site so you can get the full schedule. You can also make new friends by joining the team and completing the challenge together. I want to see how you guys are progressing through these 4 weeks, so send me feedback, tag me on your progress, and share your results on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. So are you guys ready?! Let's go! We have 12 exercises in this upper body and abs workout. 40 seconds for each exercise and 10 seconds of rest in between. Sit on your mat. We start with the push-up and abduction exercise. With your knees on the mat, lower yourself and slowly lower yourself and push yourself back like this, then push your hips back, then return to the starting position. Then repeat. If this is too easy for you, you can do regular push-ups instead. Rest 10 seconds now, and leg raises in plank position are next. Get into a low plank position and lift one leg at a time. Engage your abdominal muscles, thighs and hamstrings, and try to remain as stable as possible as you lift one leg up. Great job guys! Sit back and get ready to flip yourself over for a reverse plank. While sitting on your mat, lift your hips off the floor and keep your upper body and legs in a straight line. Make sure you don't drop your butt too low, and maintain this position. If you need a break, take a break and do it again. Remember, the goal is to finish and perform workouts at your current fitness level, which will improve over time. Great job guys. Flip yourself over and we have the dolphin plank. Start by going into a low plank position, then raise your hips high to form a pyramid shape. Then come back down and repeat. This will work your abdominal muscles, shoulders and upper back. Good job everyone! And Dancers is next. Start in a high plank. Then bring one foot out to the side, and kick the other leg like this, with your hands supporting you. Then go back to the beginning and repeat on the other side. Remember to take your time and rest if you need a break. You guys are doing a great job! The pressure on the triceps muscles is the following. Sit on your mat, raise yourself up, and slowly lower your butt to the floor. Try to be nice and slow as you lower yourself, so you can feel it in your triceps. Well done, everyone! We're halfway through the exercise. You're doing a great job so far, so keep it up. Toe touches in crab position is next. Lift one leg with your opposite hand touching your foot. Then come back down and repeat. Take it nice and slow guys, and focus on doing it in good shape. Rest here for 10 seconds, and raise the arm into a low plank position next. Get into a low plank position with feet spread slightly. Raise your arms up one at a time, and alternate between your arms. Rest, turn yourself over, sit on your mat, and get ready windshield wipers. Place your hands to the side and then lift your feet from side to side. You will feel this in your abdominal muscles. Rest, guys! Just three of the high and low plank exercises are next. Start in a high plank, then slowly move into a low plank. Then return to a high plank. Engage your abs, take it nice and slow, and rest if you need to, but we're almost there, so give it everything you've got! Rest for ten seconds now, and we will lift ourselves up with our abdominal muscles. Lay flat on the floor with your hands raised like this, then raise yourself up like this and touch your feet, then come back and repeat. Great job for everyone, and the last exercise is just the plank. Catch your breath, and let's finish this exercise. Get into a low plank position. Engage your abdominal muscles and focus on your breathing, and keep going, we are almost done and this is the exercise guys! I hope you enjoyed this quick exercise. Please leave me comments with how the workout went and hit like and I will see you guys at the next workout. See you soon!

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