10 min HEADACHE & STRESS RELIEF Stretch & Massage (Improve Sleep & Ease Stress) ~ Emi

a lot of us sometimes suffer from headaches due to stress bad posture sitting and slouching whole day in front of the computer scrolling on our phones watching tv on our bed it can really affect our productivity mood making us feel dizzy and nauseous so this 10-minute headache relief stretch and massage has really helped me to loosen up my neck and shoulder muscles reduce tension and ease headache and i hope that date will be helpful to you too now let's begin 10 exercises 50 seconds each with 10 seconds to transition first neck rotation [Music] rotate your head in a circular motion keep your shoulders down loosen up the tight-knack [Music] [Music] we are muscles direction in three two one drop your head in all directions releasing the tension [Music] rest second head turn [Music] exercise slowly turn your head to each side feeling a stretch along the side of your neck down to the shoulders [Music] slow and steady breathing keep your back flat [Music] rest third up and down [Music] exercise hand supporting the back of your neck head up as you breathe in head down as you breathe out all the stress and frustration [Music] release the tension and negative energy while opening up the shoulders [Music] fall down fingers wide open holding the back of your head and pull up from the top of the neck as if you want to lift your head towards the sky with your fingertips running along and massaging the back off your head sometimes we were tight and sometimes everything but gotta learn just how to forget about you forget about you when you call me up and sound so sweet there's nothing to blame but when you don't pick up for days i see my mistake rest fifth shoulder circle and press so i can start exercise draw circles with your fingers on your trapezius muscle giving it a good massage loosening up as this part gets tight from sitting in front of a computer or scrolling on our phones all day [Music] in three two one gently apply some pressure to press down sometimes out of control [Music] gotta learn just how to be fine without you be fine without you [Music] neck to shoulder lines [Music] exercise slightly drop your head to one side then press along with your fingers from all the way behind your ear and down to the area and between your shoulder bones then back up [Music] other side and three two one a lot of us don't even realize that this area tightens up very easily leading to headaches so it's important to give it a good massage to lose enough sometimes we were tight and sometimes oceans apart [Music] palm circle and bend [Music] exercise right hand on top of the head gently apply pressure in circular motion massage your head with both your palm and fingertips make sure to keep your head and neck relaxed [Music] [Music] three two one turn your head towards the right and slightly down to face the right shoulder feeling a stretch in the opposite side of the neck continue massaging the top of your head [Music] [Music] even when i'm not suffering from headaches i love to do these stretch and massage exercises to relax at the end of the day and to prevent accumulating the stiffness that might turn into headaches later reaching for the ground three two one turn your head towards the left [Music] [Music] easy [Music] press [Music] exercise press your palm on your forehead gently push your head against your hand allow the pressure to sink it [Music] now to the right [Music] and lastly to the left [Music] and temple massage exercise use the knuckle of your index finger to gently massage the inner corner of your brow bone many of us spend hours staring at computer and phone screens and this can really help relax the tired and strained area [Music] now we'll massage our temples in three two one a final touch to relieve the tight scalp and temple [Music] oh area coming [Music] we thought we [Music] had truth about it comes rest and we're done hope you're feeling lighter more relaxed and freshen up after these stretch and massage exercises and more importantly i hope they help ease your headaches and neck pain have a good day or good night and i'll see you again very soon

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