10 Min HIIT to burn lots of calories | No Equipment Fat Burning Workout

Hello guys! We have a quick and effective 10-minute exercise for the whole body today, and this exercise will make you sweat a lot. You can do this exercise alone, or you can check out my website if you want to follow the special schedule for this program. Now, click like and follow my channel from Please, let's get started! We have 12 exercises today, 20 to 45 seconds of movement and exercise and 10 to 15 seconds of rest. Also, please, make sure to consult your health with a male and female doctor before starting any exercise from this video if you have any weak physical or health condition. Basic. These exercises are very high-impact and intense, so follow the easy-to-work, low-impact movements if you need to. And we will start with raising the knees, raise the knees up, and make sure that you engage your abdominal muscles, and do it in a good form and condition, for a low effect and easy to work, just take it slow and sweet, and do not forget if you feel tired you can always alternate between the normal effect And the easy one, or take a long break if you need a chance to rest. Do not put too much pressure on yourself if you are able to do this movement, because you do not want to lose consciousness just because you exceed your limits! And our next move is lateral jumps, we jump from side to side. Make sure you land softly, with a slight bend in your knee. Make sure you are trying to engage your core muscles in your abdomen and our next movement is pulling the knees with a jump to the other direction. Try to engage your abdominal muscles. Okay, and we have 20 seconds of butt kicks. Kick your legs toward your butt, as if you were jumping quickly. Make sure you land softly with a slight bend in your knees. Very nice work, guys! And then the movement to the bottom of the jumping lifts, for the movement with the low effect, just do not jump, if it is very difficult and intense, just take it calmly and do it slowly and easy to work. We have skateboard jumps. Start in a squat position, jump with a 180-degree jump, and land softly in a squat. You guys are doing a great job! We're almost halfway through rehearsals! Only five minutes! You can rest for a few minutes here before the following set of exercises. We have access to the bottom and kicks. Try to reach your feet while keeping your back even, then jump and kick your leg forward, making sure you do it in a good way and posture and do not hurt your back. Well done! A short break here and we repeat the same movement on the other leg. Okay, so our next move is squats with jumps. Start in a squat position, then jump with your legs out and your hands up, making sure you engage your abs and glutes as well. You guys are doing a great job! Only three exercises, and we have the reverse lunge, it's very easy, so keep practicing and don't give up, my friends! You are capable! We have steps with touching the ground, just two exercises to finish this sport. Let's finish these exercises strong! And the last exercise is to raise the knees, give this all your ability, guys! You are very strong! And that's exercise, guys! I hope you sweated well! Please click like and leave us comments if you liked this video, and I will see you in the next exercise. Goodbye!

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