10 min Intense Ab Workout: No Equipment At Home Routine to Burn Belly Fat

Good morning everybody! Today I'm going to share the best way to train my belly in less than 10 minutes. I've been doing this since I started working out. I do it every day and it's already a part of my fitness. Even when I'm doing Kayla BBG or doing cross fitness now or before. I've always wanted to have abs when I'm pole dancing. This has been a goal of mine. In fact, I started practicing just to have abs, etc. You must be thinking, “Where is Chad?” It's a holiday in Hong Kong today, but my boyfriend My friend Chad still has to work and I'm really sorry if you're watching this video just to see him! Today it's just me without him. I originally thought about waiting for him to come and shoot this video together, but I decided that I want to be a strong and independent woman and don't have to rely on my boyfriend! I still want to give a picture to my friends who miss Chad. Hello, my youtube friends, I am Chad. Goodbye Chad. These are some of my favorite abdominal exercises. They can be done in as little as 10 minutes. So even if I am very busy, I There are still ways to find time to practice these. I feel that I can practice them anywhere. I have done it at home, outside, and in hotels. I once did it at the airport while waiting to transfer! This method is also very suitable for people who are just starting to do physical training. If you have not done physical training before, these will not be too difficult. Maybe you will find it a little difficult at first, but when you start doing it, maybe after 2 to 3 times a week, you will definitely get used to it and be ready. Yet? start! Hello everyone, I came to the outdoor space downstairs of my house. I thought I could just stay at home, but the space was not enough and the house was too messy. Then there was so much space available here, so I decided that this is the best place for me. I prepared all my blankets. Ready for it's so simple that all you need is a blanket and no other equipment? start! 10 minutes Abs 10 movements for one minute each (you can rest for 15-30 seconds in between if necessary) Our first movement is called Starfish Crunch. This will train the lower abdominal muscles. First lie down and spread your hands and feet to the left and right. Use the strength of your abdominal muscles to touch your right hand to your left foot. Do the same movement and then switch sides. Remember to bring your head and shoulders up together. Come down and inhale. Come up and exhale. Come on, and you can do four, three, two, one in a few seconds. Finish! Next, the climber must first arch the body into a mountain peak and do it slowly. The back cannot be bent and the hands must be kept parallel under the shoulders. Use the strength of the abdominal muscles to lift the knees to the chest and then change legs. Remember to tighten your legs. Come on, belly! One more time, it's almost done. Two, one, done! For leg raising exercise, first lie flat on the mat, spread your hands to both sides, and keep your feet together throughout the exercise. Keep your feet straight and close together during the entire exercise. Move your feet up to 90 degrees, then slowly come down close to the ground but do not touch the floor. Continue Breathe, your back must be flat on the ground. If your back starts to go up, your legs don’t need to be so low. For the last five seconds, we will finish the next one. Let’s continue to do Slow Crunch. Lie on the floor, bend your legs at 45 degrees and clasp your fingers together. Put it behind your head and use your abdominal muscles to slowly lift your shoulders toward your knees. Maintain this position for a second. With the lower half of your back still pressed against the floor, slowly lower it back to the original starting position. This is my favorite. Because the action is not too intense, you can have a chance to rest while continuing to exercise. Leg Roll is very similar to Leg Raise, but this time the legs must be bent towards the chest first and then raised up at a 90-degree angle with the back. Stay close to the floor and don't forget to breathe! Congratulations, it’s halfway done. If you haven’t given up until now, you can give yourself a round of applause. After this movement, you can have a rest time of 15-30 seconds. Then we will continue with the next half of the exercise. Ab Bike is also one of my favorite movements. It will help your abdomen. Place your hands behind your head, clasp your fingers together, lift your elbows toward your chin on both sides, and use the strength of your abdominal muscles to lift your feet. The knee of your right leg should touch the left elbow, and then switch to the left leg. The movement of the knee touching the right elbow is actually very similar to the movement of riding a bicycle. Don’t give up! I know this move is extremely difficult and I'm exhausted myself, but don't give up! It will be done in a few seconds. You must lie down. Next is SIDE PLANK HIP DIP. First lie on your side and then use the power of your lower arms to lift your body and straighten your legs. Then push your body up and down with your waist. At the same time, narrow your abdomen and push your body up. Make a straight line from your shoulders to your waist. Slowly go down to the floor and come up again. One side will take 30 seconds. Now switch sides. Okay. If you are tired, don’t worry. I am running out of energy now, but all the hard work is worth it. The next one is called Heel Touch. Lie down first. Flat, legs bent to 45 degrees, hands on both sides of the waist, lift up the upper body a little bit, use one hand to hit your heel, return to the middle, then switch hands to hit the heel of the other foot, alternate and repeat this action on both sides. This action will help you. The upper body should work harder for a summer figure! Two more movements. Come on, Plank is a simple movement. Lie on the ground and lean on your elbows. The weight of your body should be on your forearms to maintain this movement. I myself will put my phone in the middle of my hand and watch a video. Time will pass faster. This is the last move and for me the hardest move. By this time your abs should be on fire. This last move will make you miserable but don’t hate me, this move is great for your lower abs! First raise your right foot to 90 degrees and stop there, then raise your left foot to 90 degrees. Your legs should be close together and facing the sky. Slowly lower your right foot first and then your left foot. Remember to use your abdominal muscles and then your left foot. Come up, then go up with your right foot and keep repeating this without your feet touching the ground! Remember to keep using your abs to shrink your belly. Come on, it’s only 60 seconds. Even though it feels like forever now, don’t give up! Have a happy ending. Three, two, one. Success! ! Congratulations everyone, we have finished this exercise. This exercise is really hard. I feel my abdominal muscles are burning again. I hope yours are too. If not, do it again. I am going to rest now. My abdominal muscles are very sore. I will definitely be more sore tomorrow. I hope you like this video and remember to give me a like and give me more feedback. I know which moves you hate the most, which ones work best for you, which ones you like the most. Follow my channel to see more fitness videos.

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