10 MIN INTENSE TOTAL AB WORKOUT IN BED (Upper + Side + Lower Belly Burn at Home) ~ Emi

[Music] [Applause] hi I'm Emmy I know that you guys love that workout so here's another intense ab workout to work on the belly the burn is so good you can do this in the morning when you wake up or before you sleep or just any time because it's in the comfort of your back so no excuses and if you're ready for the fire let's go ten exercises each exercise 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest first one is crunch fly knees bent crunch your abs and press your belly into the pad as you lift your head and shoulders up raise your arms by drawing a half circle to above your head as far back as possible then come back to next to your sides our arms are off the bat the whole exercise to keep the tension keep squeezing your abs and pressing them down you should start to feel the burn in your belly this is what we are here for fun and you want your to rest for 15 seconds and second exercise is slow crunch [Music] hands behind your ears work your apps to slowly lift your head and shoulders off as if you're curling up like a shrimp then pause when you curl to the top hold it here keep squeezing your abs and slowly lower down [Music] really crunch and activate your apps here in each rap make it count [Music] third is side-to-side crunch [Music] nice up head up hands behind your ears squeeze your side apps to bend your torso from side to side so that your elbow touches the knee on the same side [Music] remind yourself of the goals you're working to us on use them as your motivation the ones who succeed in life are the ones who are willing to put in the work day in and day out [Music] fourth it's bent knee windmill [Music] knees bent licks up drop them to one side for keeping your torso on the pad then work your side up to lift your legs back up and drop to the other side alternate for 45 seconds crazy memories are million melody [Music] Oh be mindful to focus on using your side abs your obliques for every lips keep the burn going let it do the work [Music] till this roses hit the candle you're on a mission v is reverse crunch with lick extension for the lower abs [Music] [Applause] hands below your bum crunch your lower abs to lift your hip and licks up towards the sky then hip down and extend your legs to a few inches off the bed this is one breath [Music] visualize using only your lower apps for each movement you can feel the burn intensifying in the stubborn lower belly area it means we got it right [Music] we are halfway through six is sight line crunch [Music] lie on your side hands behind your ears squeeze your side apps at the top to lift your upper torso as high as possible continue on the side for 22 seconds and switch again try to focus on using oblique to lift your torso up squeeze it as hard as you can [Music] said you want me [Music] vii is AB clamp [Music] [Applause] find your apps will lift your arms and legs up together to touch then lower them back down without dropping them all the way to the bed [Music] it says of your opening and closing your chanel like a clam don't forget to keep your core tight throughout the whole exercise eight is reverse like fight for more lower effort [Music] hence below your palm lakes lifted rotating and reverse spiked motion the key here is to press your back to the bed as hard as you can so your back is not arching up [Applause] do a slow for more fun and the lower your legs are the more challenging edges but no pain no gain so push yourself for the fast results [Applause] [Music] only two more to go nice as for lick races a final burn for the lower apps [Music] legs off the bed then begin to work off your lower abs raise one leg towards the sky followed by the other lower one leg down and then the other one [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] again we're not dropping our legs to the bat until timer is up hang in there challenge yourself challenger apps you're stronger than you think oh you're running on the right track and let's get into our final exercise you can grab your pillow if you have one next to you but if not you can do it without as well [Music] hold the pillow above your head or if you're not using one just have your hands together then crunching your abs lift your upper body to sitting up arms pointing to the sky bringing the pillow up the pillow adds extra weight and hence more burn for the exercise this is pretty tough but keep trying keep pushing yourself to achieve the maximum results we're never giving up this is the attitude that will lead us to success not just with fitness but also in life give me a few more reps and [Music] we're done good job for getting an awesome workout done even just in bed if you are feeling a burn in your belly right now well it's going to be more sore tomorrow but that means exercises work and we'll give you the results you want you can repeat this workout two to three times a day if you want even more burn but don't forget to stretch out your abs before you go proud of you for doing this for yourself and I'll see you again very soon

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