10 Min Upper Body & Arms Workout | Beginner Friendly No Equipment

Today we have a 10-minute upper body exercise that targets the muscles of your arms, your back, and also your chest. Do not neglect it by working on your upper body. It is very important to engage different muscle groups in your body. Now you can find the full four-week schedule on your website at Chloeting.com, and share your journey via YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. We have an amazing community here to support you, just hit like, follow my channel too, and let's work on our upper body! We have 17 exercises today. 30 seconds of exercises one after the other, and 5 to 10 seconds of rest. We will start with arm circles. Bring your arms to your sides. Keep them straight and draw some circles with your hands. If you have a light pair of dumbbells, easily incorporate them into this exercise as well. Now, in reverse. Okay, without any chance of a break here, we're going to go straight into a C-shape rotation. As you continue to extend your hands, outward, we're drawing a little C-shape with our arm. Now head to the nearest wall and we do some push-ups on the wall. If there is no wall nearby, just do push-ups on the floor on your knees. Now get into tabletop position on the floor and we're doing some triceps presses and touches. Start with pressure, then come back and touch your toes with your hand. If you can't touch your toe, you can just lift yourself up and down. You're giving your hands a good workout like this too. Well, turn yourself over now as we do the knee press followed by the child's pose. This is a really good exercise and gives you a good stretch for your muscles as well. Get into the table position again, with your left leg crossed like this, then lower your body down, then come back up. Nice and slow, guys. It is not necessary and you do not need to do it at a speed that suits you for this exercise. Flip yourself over and lie flat on the mat and we now have our swimmers. A pillow or towel may help if your mat or floor is too hard on your pelvic area. Okay, now flip over again, into a tabletop position like before, and we do the same thing on the right leg. Now lie on your left side while your left hand is wrapped around your waist and we use the right arm to do some push-ups. This is difficult when you are just starting out with this exercise, so take it nice and slow. For low impact, just grab a side plank. And now to the other side. We're halfway there guys, keep it up! Okay, now sit like this and we lift our butts up like this and do a pike push up. Make sure that your elbows do not point outward and be careful while doing this exercise. This works and engages your upper back and arm. Okay, get into a high plank position and we're doing some rotation. If you feel a burn in your hand, just keep going, we only have three minutes of exercise. Now get into a low plank position. Raise your butt and then return to plank. Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles too. Get on your knees and we'll do arm circles again. Now we go in the opposite direction. Now stand up straight, lean forward a little and we've got backbeats. We've only got three exercises, guys! You are capable! You can stand upright or sit on your knees for this final exercise. We're making beats. No break here guys! We're going straight to the pulses down. Make sure you keep your hands up, don't put them down! That's the drill, guys! I hope you enjoyed this. If you find yourself feeling strong after this routine over a period, you can always add resistance with a light pair of dumbbells or water bottles. Now click like, and I will see you in the next exercise. See you soon!

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