10 Minute BELLY FAT BURNING Workout for Women (NO EQUIPMENT!)

– This routine today is gonna help you burn some calories guys. No equipment needed. Just you pushing through and getting sweaty with me. There are 10 exercises to perform, 45 seconds on with a 15-second break. Do what you can and just make sure you are really giving it your all to get the most out of this routine. Now before you jump into this workout, I wanna invite you to become a member of the Pink Dragon app. In the Pink Dragon app, you will be able to finally start seeing results with quick and effective workouts in 15 minutes or less. In Pink Dragon, we believe that less is more. That means easy to prepare meals, quick and effective workouts and mindset shifts to bring you confidence and consistency. I'll show you how to utilize your workouts in the best way possible while also shifting your mindset with a unique and fun ways. And not only that, but inside the app I give you access to an amazing onboarding system for a week. We've had a woman lose up to 11 pounds just following this system. So make sure to join me in the Pink Dragon app and become a member of this unique app that uses behavioral science to give you the best results that you have always wanted. Click on the link in the description box below for more information. (upbeat music) Hey guys, welcome to your 10-minute belly fat burning workout. The first move that you're going into is a step in front with two skips in between. So this is going to be 45 seconds. So you're gonna hop forward, jump jump, hop forward, jump jump. Make sure when you're doing this move that you are sucking the navel into the spine, you wanna make sure you're engaging every sing muscle here. ♪ I recall the times you said you're sorry ♪ ♪ I'm still not sure if you told lies ♪ ♪ But I don't care, it's all forgotten now ♪ ♪ We're holy when we're touching ♪ That's it guys, keep going. Hop, jump jump. Hop, jump jump. Great work. ♪ Give me a chance to make it right ♪ Excellent, 15-second rest here before we go into the next move, which is gonna be a squat down and you're gonna jump up and do two high knees. (upbeat music) So squat down, jump jump. Squat down, jump jump. So make sure when you're squatting down, you're going as low as possible, squeezing the glutes at you come up, and then lifting those knees as high as you can, that's gonna help to burn calories and also get those lower abs. ♪ In finer ways ♪ ♪ Do you remember all the times we tried to stop this ♪ That's it guys. Squat down, jump jump. ♪ We're holy when we're touching ♪ Make sure to keep that core engaged, make sure that you're tensing. Fantastic work, guys, 15-second break here before we go into the next move. ♪ Just let us keep up with the bad guys ♪ ♪ Give me a chance to make it right ♪ So lift yourself up into a crab position all you're gonna do is touch your ankles. You wanna go as quick as you can with this move to get the heart rate up. Just make sure to just quickly tap the ankle and come back down. This is gonna work every single muscle in the body and it's also gonna help burn those calories. So tap, tap, tap, keep going. ♪ I will pay no mind, pay no mind at all ♪ ♪ So give me a chance to make it right ♪ ♪ Just let me touch you like the first time ♪ ♪ We don't need answers to survive ♪ ♪ Just let us keep up with the bad guys ♪ Excellent, take a break here guys. Before going into the next move, you're gonna come down into a high plank position for this one. ♪ We don't need answers to survive, ♪ ♪ Just let us keep up with the bad guys ♪ Excellent, so for this move, you wanna do four jumping jacks, and then you just wanna tap the shoulders. So jump, tap tap tap. (upbeat music) So make sure with this movement again you have the core engaged, navel sucked into the spine. And you just wanna make sure here that you are having your back nice and flat. (techno music) ♪ I see what she was saying, ♪ ♪ I swear I'll never learn ♪ ♪ This live I want ♪ Excellent, drop the knees down to the floor, then you're gonna go into the next move. So we're still remaining on the floor for this one guys, you're gonna do a downward dog and we're gonna bring the knees towards the chest for a crunch and we're just gonna keep on one side. So leg up and crunch in, leg up, crunch in. Make sure your toes are nice and pointed, bring that leg back as far as you can and then really really bring that knee into your chest, get it as close as possible. Let's switch legs. So leg up, crunch in. Up, crunch. ♪ Got me hypnotized, got me mesmerized ♪ ♪ Yeah prove that there's much more to life than lies ♪ ♪ Got me hypnotized, got me mesmerized ♪ ♪ Show me love like I'm an idiot ♪ Excellent, well done guys, for the next one you're gonna be standing, so you just wanna come up onto your feet. We're gonna go into another cardio move here. So you wanna start at one end of the mat and all you're gonna do is you're gonna do some skaters but with a bounce. So it's gonna be skate skate skate, bounce. skate skate skate, and bounce. Make sure when you're bouncing that you're really making sure that you are jumping. You really are making an effort here to bring your whole body off of the floor. You can go as fast or as slow as you like with this move that's the great thing about it. If you guys need to keep the pace slower, that's fine, remember this is a hip workout and we do wanna burn that belly fat, so go as quick as you can. (upbeat music) Excellent job guys, take a 15-second break and then I want you to come down onto the floor for the next move, which is gonna be reverse plank crunches. So instead of being on your front, you're gonna be hands behind you, body facing up towards the ceiling and just bring that knee towards the chest like you're marching. (upbeat music) If for any reason this is too much for you guys, just do a couple, come back down, rest, and then come back into position again. Just do as many as you can. (upbeat music) That's it, in, down, in, down. That's it, keep going guys. (faced paced music) Fabulous work, guys. For the next move that you guys are going into, you're gonna be standing, facing me. We're gonna do a squat, keep that squat position and you're gonna do side shuffles and you're gonna make sure you tap the floor. So run run, tap, run run, tap. That's it, make sure to keep those knees bent, and you wanna be in this position the entire time. (face paced music) That's it, keep going. ♪ I'll never stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop ♪ ♪ I'll never stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop ♪ ♪ Stop ♪ ♪ stop ♪ ♪ I'll never stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop ♪ (face paced music) Excellent job, guys. Take a 15-second break. The next move that you're going into is on the floor again. In an all-fours position. We're gonna be doing rotating bear taps. Now this one is a little bit more challenging, but it's gonna make sure that it gets every single muscle in the body as well as the stomach. So all you're gonna do is tap your feet. Keep the core engaged, as you can see here that I'm doing, rotatin

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