10 things you MUST know to lose weight FAST & EASY (I wish I knew these before)

if you want to lose weight fast effective and easy you need to know these things I achieved my best body figure when I realized these so that for to do here's 10 things that I wish I knew when I lose weights the first one the number on the scale doesn't matter so some girls ask me I train almost every day but my body weight just doesn't drop first of all you have to know muscle is more heavy and dense Den fats with muscles on your body you will look so much slamer and firm so as you can see fats and muscle are both the same weights but they are very very different let's say we have two people here one person has 20 lb of fat and another has 20 lb of muscles these two people with the same weights they will look drastically different having extra 20 lbs of muscle will make you look sculpted and firm but having 20 lbs of fat as you can tell will make you look fat with another things that you don't need to be obsessed with the scale is that your waist fluctuate every day this is completely normal it might be because the the water retention if you're having too many scks last night if you are on your girls period your hormones your stress everything so drop the exception with the numbers having more muscle is the key okay so the second thing is you won't buk up that easily speaking of having more muscle on your body some girls are so afraid of buling up trust me it is extremely hard for girls to reach to this stage cuz muscle building takes years of dedicated training anatomically and in the logically speaking females literally don't mix enough testosterone on their own to facilitate muscle growth so if you use your own body waste exercise you will not be ripped so all of my exercise are using our body weight they are all safe to follow it will work fine don't worry the next thing is starving yourself won't make you lose weight if you eat too little not only you will not lose weight you will also gain weight because your body will hold on to the fast stores and activate that survival mechanism you are not burning fat you are burning all the muscles and the nutrients in your body this is a video from Ted education it is short but informative so it basically explained why strict diet won't make you lose way fast if your blood cluel drops too low then you face a Cascade of problems like increase appetites and craving so you end up snacking more fatigue pour sleep which would then Elevate cortisol level and leading to more craving and more muscle Lo so please guys don't starve yourself we need energy to maintain our body's basic function so since food is energy it is important to have a healthy balance with the [Music] food so not only you won't lose weight you will also gain weight so much easier cuz you slow down your metabolism and they are research proven about this and I will leave the link in the description box just in case you guys are interested trust me I've been there so back in when when I was in college I was very stressed out cuz I was all by myself in New Zealand and when the pressure came in the final exam came in so my stress level just went like Skyrock so the only way that I can release some stress is by going to the gym so I ended up going every day then I eat more cuz you exercise more then I gain a lot of a lot of Weights then I would do this thing called starving yourself so the consequence is I lost my period for stract 3 months like the entire 3 months just didn't came so assessive exercise with extreme strict diet my body collaps that function just turn off cuz I don't have enough nutrients in my body so how I got it out was yoga meditation and having a healthy balance with the food so please don't star yourself aim for a small calorie deficit so usually 10 to 20% deficit is suitable sustainable and manageable the fourth one too many healthy food will make you fat too avocado is healthy oh I'm going to eat three of them not so healthy too I'm going to e tons of it GRS you are getting fats the point here isn't about the food it's about the portion this is a bloody lesson that I've learned I used to love pachal so I would eat it while I watch TV so when your focus is on the TV you will just be unconsciously eating tons tons of it I know that nuts are healthy they are very high in vitamin E high in protein high in fibers high in so many benefits but at the same time it is also high in fats and high in calories so easy the more you eat the more weights you gain that's why I learned control your portion so I talked about this in this diet plan video before you can use your hand as a measurement so let's say if I want to have nuts you can use your thumb as a measurement this is what you needed for a day so if you guys want to learn more about hand measurement for food I will leave the link in the card here or here and I'll also put it in the description box okay on to our fifth one it is also about eating about diet cuz we know that what you eat plays a major role in losing weight so you do need to have a small calorie deficit you need to watch what you eat but the more you restate you're eating the more you're going to bounce back it is more on a psychological aspect have you heard of this sentence what you resist persist have you ever had this situation that the more you tell yourself not to touch that chocolate the more you're thinking about it first of all snacking isn't bad if you want to have that piece of chocolate if that makes you happy just eat it cuz one single piece won't make you fast instantly like I said I used to finish a bag of nuts in one goal while I watch TV and guess what I did cuz I was too full I know that I'm I'm getting fats I feel so guilty I went to the bathroom and tried to stuck my fingers into my throat and try to induce puking not proud not great don't want to remember it of course it didn't work then I got fat I feel guilty I would starve myself for weeks at first my body weights did drop I look so much Slimer but I wasn't healthy then when final came in my stress level just Sky rocked and I ended up have no control of eating then I will restart the cycle of starving myself then stress level went high as well as my eating volume went high and then I feel guilty then I will starve myself then I will continue continue the loop so that's why my waight was always unstable so I got my lesson learned I realized that the more you restrict yourself the more chance that you're going to eat on an irrational state so please don't do that don't repeat my mistake sorry my camera just died and at the meantime let's take a water break okay the next One Yoga is as crucial as any form of exercise yes I used to think yoga is just a stretch actually it is more than just a stretch it has so many benefits of course we all know that yoga helps with mental health and it is scientifically proven apart from that it is also very beneficial for our physical health it can help you to prevents injury improve your sleep reduce information help you to fix

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