12min Full Body CARDIO | 100% Burn Calories & Happy Mood (Beginner/Intermediate)

hi guys welcome back so some of you request a new cardio workout I agree it is long overdue and it is getting a little bit nippy here so let's get some sweats together [Music] hey guys let's start to warm up our belly with a little Hue tap at the back [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] easy now rest for 10 seconds [Music] okay now squat down and give a little punches try to squat down as loud as you can and imagine you are a professional boxer [Music] come on squat down a little bit lower engage your core muscle so that you keep your body still and just have fun with it you can do it [Music] 10 seconds [Music] okay now with your hands up to the sky with your feet step in the side it's like we're catching stars from the sky [Music] okay now let's speed up [Music] left right left right left right come on you can do it [Music] you guys are amazing [Music] I can now squat down then jump to the left then squat down jump to the right [Music] come on come on you can do it squat down a little bit lower foreign I swear to God this almost killed me as well but I'm not giving up so are you [Music] I am so proud of you guys [Music] okay this one is AC left hand touch your right toes right hand touch your left toes [Music] every time you lift up your leg squeeze your abdominal muscles good morning come on few more seconds to go you can do this All I Wanna Do Is [Music] okay now climb on the floor with your hands without moving your legs try to engage your core muscles when you come back to standing [Music] thank you don't worry if you can't strengthen your leg just try to do as much as you can you don't have to go fast as long as you're doing it you are doing the Great [Music] okay now squat down and draw your hands from right to the left it's like you're throwing a ball up to the sky try to engage your core muscles every time you twist your body [Music] come on scroll down a little bit lower we are almost done I can't escape you guys know the drill will have to do on the other side [Music] [Music] come on come on we are not giving up you are almost done with this workout come on you can do this [Music] tell me and yes 10 seconds [Music] okay now every time when your hands push back step one of your legs out every time I do this I like to think I'm dancing but I'm sure this is not a dance move but it is a very good cardio exercise [Music] you know it is even better if you speed up a little bit faster [Music] yes now 10 seconds we only have two more to go [Music] okay now get that on the floor into plank posts and tap your shoulders one by one come on engage your core muscle to keep your body in a straight line [Music] and your eyes [Music] come on keep your breath steady we are almost finished you are doing an amazing job oh [Music] down to our last one [Music] okay now come back to Plank and we'll run like a mountain Runner remember to engage your core so that it can keep your body still and stable trust me it is a lot easier if you engage your whole body [Music] can't give up [Music] come on this is the last one we are not quitting few more seconds to go you can do this and yes we are finished I am so proud of you the burn is real it is real well I hope you guys have a guess what oh my gosh please remember to stretch it out after a workout I have a post-workout stretch I'll put it in the cards I hope you guys like the video and I will see you guys in the next one oh I need some water bye [Music]

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