15 MIN CORE & ABS WORKOUT | 28-Day Abs & Belly Challenge #EmiTransform

Hi I'm Amy welcome to the 15 minute core crusher this workout will target our inner core that tightens our stomach, tightens our waist and sculpts our waistline This is also the second week of the 28 day Absent Belly Challenge. You can find the download link for the entire program in the description box below including all the workout videos for every day Share your progress on social and tech media with anyone so we can motivate and support each other as a community and if you're ready to workout, let's go.. There are three different sets with six exercises in each set 40 seconds each set and 10 seconds rest in between plus we will have 20 seconds. Rest between each set. The first exercise is to reach the high plank. Exercise from head to heel in one straight line. Reach the core muscles with one arm forward while maintaining your balance without swaying from side to side. Alternate sides. Work your heart. “Dry YasakπŸ˜‚” I will go through the exercise to keep our bodies in line. Straight without popping your hips or letting them collapse The second is to touch the knee to the elbow Do the exercise Lift the right arm and left leg straight Then tighten the abdominal muscles and bring the elbow and the opposite knee to touch Switch sides after 20 seconds Push the navel in and squeeze the abs for each plank point roll and lift Exercise on all fours Tighten your abdominal muscles as you lift your knees off the ground. Lift the opposite foot and arm at the same time to tap the shoulder. This did nothing on you This brand new still has nothing on you PM suck in your stomach to keep your balance and reduce the side-to-side rocking motion Fourth, we're back to the high plank reach exercise, we actually did these exercises as soon as we got them under our belt these The time. We're doing it better and stronger. Be proud of yourself because clicking through to the beginning of this video reminded yourself of your goals and why you're here. “Why are we here?” Your focus, and we'll have 20 seconds of rest after that, so push through the burn you got “Aash” πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί Rest for 20 seconds and get ready for the second set. Next exercise is Spiderman Hip Plank Dip Into Elbow Plank, dip your hip to each side followed by a Spiderman Plank with your knee up towards the outside of your elbow Continue working on your inner core and side of your obliques for each rack The eighth is plank circle Pause in high plank, bring One knee toward your elbows by drawing a circle in one smooth motion followed by the same motion but this time stop behind each elbow and hold for 20 seconds and switch. I always want it to be a complete 3 2 1, hitting the abs and core for each rep. no pain. No gain.. The ninth exercise is the boat lick raise Do the exercise in a V shape by holding your core and keeping your legs up Slowly lower one leg at a time to gently press the floor halfway through this set, you've already got this Which you can control Tenth, we go back to the regression point We've had some practice already. Now is the time to push and….🌝 11 Planck Circle Pause. You get to decide the person you want to be and the life you want to live The last exercise of our second set to lift the lick for the entire hold Be thankful for every burning sensation because that's what we're here for and that's what leads us to achieving our goals 20 seconds of breathing we deserve and it's really our last set of The exercise for this group is a little different. Some exercises are only done after we start walking in a plank with the whole body in a straight line, then move your stomach inward as you walk your feet towards your arms, then return to the plank with a tight heart. Practice raising the plank high against the arm and leg while turning to the side and pressing on your foot. On alternating sides again a strong, powerful core You are absolutely killing it 15th.. Sit-ups like elevators Push with your fingertips on the floor Punch your abs and inner core to lift your legs and hold them up for a second and drop them This is definitely a challenge, but just try.. Nothing is impossible if you keep trying The mind body connection really focuses on using your abs to each lip 16 is the hip dip for the inner core and waist into the high plank, dip your hips on each side and work your abs and core to lift it back up be patient. We are very close to the end. This is the time to give our best 17 Wooden Walk You've come this far already. It was all you're driving now to the finish line the final final exercise, wall plank, we always save the best for last feet on the wall or bed, sofa, bench whatever works and just hold the plank there pull your stomach. Hold your heart tight. This is it This is the end.. Put everything you've got Breathe in and use your breath to stay balanced and focused No one says it's going to be easy. I'm also shaking here, but I won't give up. Let's push the lemon together “huh eh?” and see what our bodies can do and you did it with no pain and no gain “forget about it, pray for me πŸ˜‚” You did this to yourself…and stretch your goals a little before you go As always, I am proud of you for accomplishing this with me and I will see you again very soon..

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