15 min Intense HIIT for Fat Burn | Standing & No Equipment

We have a 15 minute HITT body workout today. This time I wasn't able to film an intro video, so I'm here telling you hello to no avail. If you're looking for workout schedules, check out their website at Chloeting.com. Also, you can always do these exercises individually, just please make sure to warm up your body before this exercise. We have 18 exercises today. 30 to 40 seconds on and 10 to 20 seconds off. Also, please consult a health practitioner before starting any exercise, especially if you have any underlying physical conditions. This exercise is difficult and tiring, so go for low impact if you need to. We'll start by squatting in and out. Do a normal squat, then when you come up, jump the legs in and out and return to the squat. Make sure your abs and core are engaged as well and your back remains neutral. Great job guys! 10 seconds of rest here and we have a jump and a clap. Jump with your legs out, then bring them back in and clap your hands. Engage your abdominal muscles and do this exercise in good shape. Don't hump for low impact, just do it without the jumps. Bring your hands overhead while extending one leg toward your back, then kick your back leg forward as you lower your arms. Don't lock your knees. Short break again and we switch on the other leg. Begin in Lunge position with the front foot and the knee bent at about 90 degrees. Your front knee does not pass more than your toes and the knee is at the level of your feet. Pulse once or twice, then jump and switch sides. If you can't jump, just do lunges with pulses. It's totally okay. Remember that the lower influences are there to help you if you find something too difficult. Don't feel bad, it's okay. This exercise will also have an effect, especially if you are new to exercise. Next we have Heisman. You guys are doing a great job! This is not a difficult exercise. It's very fun. Standing with legs wider than shoulder width, lift one leg up, close to hip level, then return horizontally and then do the same on the other side. This is a little trickier than raising your knees, but you can do this exercise. For low impact, just don't jump. We have a long break here, so please take a break, or pause the video for a few minutes if you need to catch your breath. The next exercise is a side lunge with a jump. Bring your feet out to the side and sit with your hips back, as you lunge down. Engage your glutes when you return to center and jump. For low impact, just don't jump to the other side now. If your knees are weak, and you find it difficult to do side lunges, you can always reduce the movement or do squats instead. We have the scissors exercise. Make sure you engage your abs and legs and don't swing your arms. Do it with control and quickly, do not cut or hurt yourself. For low impact, just take it slowly and with control. We're halfway through this exercise, guys! good job ! And we have squats with cranks and jumps. Squat, then jump sideways, drop into a squat, then do a crunch and bring one knee up. Engage your abs and core as you crunch, then repeat in the other direction. For low impact, just do it without any jumps. We have steps with a squat and a reach after that. Squat to the side, then squat with your hands, reach the floor, then come back and repeat on the other side. For low impact, just do with some langs and dabs. The final exercise for this group is the jump and tuck. The hardest exercise for this drill, so just skip this one. Jump as high as you can and bring your knees close to hip level, then land softly with a slight bend at your knee and repeat. You can rest for three to five seconds between jumps. Just take it easy and take your time. Alternate any exercises to suit your fitness level, and do low-impact and no jumps if you need that version of the exercise. Great job guys! We've eliminated the jump and the tuck. Just please take a longer break if you need to, and we have the knee lift. Raise your knees to hip level as quickly as possible, and if you are very tired, you can do some jogging in place, or do low impact instead. Next we have Curtsy Langes.Bring your leg back diagonally. If you have weak knees, you can try reverse lunges or squats. Jumping lifts are next. It's easy, so you can do it! For low impact, just don't jump. We have squats and kicks next. Squat down and when you come up, kick one leg up, don't lock your knees, we're almost there my loves. You are capable! Next we have low kicks. Make sure you are not unchecked here, because you do not want to injure your ankles. Make sure your leg and abdominal muscles are engaged for the low impact, just take it slow and controlled. The last exercise is side lunges. Do lunges to the side while sitting with your hips back. Latifa is positioned, and let's finish this last exercise! This is exercise! I hope you guys sweated well. Don't forget to click Like and leave us comments below about how the exercises went for you, and I will see you in the next exercise. See you soon!

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