15 MIN KIDS / TEENAGERS HOME WORKOUT (with no jumping options) ~ Emi

Hi, I'm Emi this is the first-ever workout on my channel aside for both adults and kids So if you have kids at home or teenagers you can do this together It's a perfect family workout or if you don't have kids for you for you to do this yourself It's for all ages and alpha cycles jumping and no jumping options with the current situation in the world right now I know that a lot of schools are closed and everyone's spending a lot more time at home So this like out is to help you and your kids to get moving and energized stay active and healthy Keep your fitness and immune system up. And since it's a workout with kids. I have a little guest together with us today Strike here This workout is 15 minutes with 30 exercises in tabata format So each exercise is 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between You can repeat this workout as many times as you want .Do it daily for a good fun sweat . First exercise We're warming up and stretching out with side Bend Spend to one side as you step one foot to the same side , alternate side for 20 seconds Feel the stretch along your toes all the way up to your arm Rest for 10 seconds and second exercise is twist Handset front twist your torso as much as you can from side to side Note that our feet are standing strong without moving keeping the balance Third exercise is up and down to get arms and shoulders moving Both arm straight raise one arm up with the other one down alternate arms go faster with more force Fourth is fan and reach Squat and bend down to tap the floor then stand up tall and reach your arms up go as fast as you can Fifth is the super fun cake Kick your lick to the front one by one kick as hard as you can let your energy out Good job sick. We're going back to site Vanagon The next five exercises are the same as the last ones So you already know how to do them challenge yourself to do them better and faster this time around you Vii is twist You're doing amazing keep it up I told you if we then Viii is up and down Give me even more power in each rep and remember to keep your arm straight throughout the whole movement Ix is been and reach Let's do it go even faster this time 10 is cake Shrunken go go go Baby Eleventh is a new exercise low punch In a half squat punch forward as hard and as fast as you can These 12s jump jack, you can also choose the note jump option 13th is Kosta top Take a big step forward as you chop down with your hands as hard as you can towards your front leg chop harder with more force You're running on the right track Fourteenth is me tap again. You can choose to jump or not No matter you're jumping or not, give it your all prove to yourself what you can do 15th is toes touch Then one leg lean down and touch your food with opposite hand off to the sides You're doing awesome 16th, we're going back to low punch Keep punching. We're halfway through this workout 7/10 is jump jack. Everything will be right well Let's go again Just a tenth is cos chop 19th is niet 20 is toast touch 21st is inchworm get ready for another five new exercises Walk your arms forward until your body is in one straight line walk your arms back to your feet and stand up 22nd is mountain climber You can do it fast or so according to how your body feels but hold your core tight for both working your abs These babies 23rd is Russian twist Sit on the floor Crunching your abs to lift your legs up twist your torso and tap your hands on the floor from side to side 24th is shoulder tap In high plank left one hand up to tap your opposite shoulder Alternate sides core tight. Try your best to not tilt your body from side to side too much 25th is at bike You can choose to do that lick only Russian But if your core is strong enough challenge yourself to touch your opposite knee with your elbow in every breath In the Tiny sick, we're repeating from inchworm again Make sure to keep your hip down when you walk into high plank holding your core tight 27th is mountain climber When you're running on the right track Me three more exercises last 28 is Russian twist Keep twisting and keep your legs off the ground until timer is up 29th is shoulder tap Tight keep your balance body straight And now final exercise at bike Almost done with a workout. Hang in there You can do it and we're done you that's so good If you want to challenge yourself even more here's a bonus exercise for you burpees You can choose the jumping or the walking version great work today, and I'll see you again very soon Yes

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