20 min Full Body HIIT Workout to get Shredded | No Equipment

We've got a 20 minute full body workout today. And you know what? You can do it! This video is part of my four-week Summer Shred challenge, which you can find on my website, along with healthy recipes daily. So, it's all free, guys! All you need to do is to show up, and join the rest of the community if you need some support. And as always, I would really appreciate it if you could smash that thumbs up button for me, leave a comment down below, and share this with your friends, as it will really help my channel out. And let's get started! We've got four sets in this 20 minutes workout, with 32 exercises in total. 30 seconds on and 5 to 20 seconds off. Make sure you've done your warm-up, and let's start with high knee clap. Raise your arms up like-so, and as you raise one leg up at a time, clap your hands beneath it. And repeat on the other leg. Remember to engage your core. Get on the mat and we've got step mountain climber. It's similar to mountain climbers, but make sure your toes land as if you are taking a step. There's low impacts for most exercises, so use them whenever you need to. Nice work! 10 seconds rest here. Get into a reverse tabletop position, and we've got crab toe touches. Lift your butt off the mat and touch one foot with the opposite hand, and repeat on the other side. This is going to work your core and your arms. Stay in the same position, and next, we've got crab march. While in a reverse tabletop, lift your knees up towards your chest, one at a time. If you want a high-impact version, you can speed it up, like I do in a few seconds, and go faster like-so. 10 seconds rest now, and we've got kick sit. Start in a high plank, then bring your knees in, and bend at 90 degrees. Then kick one leg off to the side, and repeat on the other leg. Go nice and slow on this one guys. As you don't want to injure your shoulders. Next we've got a fun one! We're doing skaters into touch ground plank. Start by hopping to the right, then hop back to the left, then hop to the center, down into a high plank, then hop back up, and repeat. If you can't jump around, then just do the low-impact alternative. Nice work, guys! Just two more exercises and we're done with set one! Next, we're doing lateral hops to the side like-so, and we're ending it with a crunch each time. Engage that core and keep pushing, guys! Last exercise before the end of the first set, we've got high knees. Raise those knees up high, and go as fast as you can. Give it all you got, and you can rest after this. Great job, guys! We've got 15 seconds rest now, but feel free to pause the video if you need a longer break. We're starting the next set with burpees with a clap. Don't freak out if you can't do a clap. It requires a lot of upper body strength, so just follow the low impact, or just do a push-up, and give yourself time. This is just here so that you have a goal that you can work towards, too. Hopefully by the end of the fourth week! Amazing job, guys! Next, we've got squat butt kicks. First do a half squat, and as you come up, jump up high and kick your heels towards your butt. Then come back down, with your knees bent slightly, go into another deep squat and then repeat. Just go slow and steady, and be safe, and you can always do low impacts if you live in an apartment, or just want to take a little break. Ten seconds rest here, and we've got elbows to feet taps. Bring one foot behind, and place your hands behind your neck, then lift one knee up, touching the opposite elbow, then bring your leg down, and kick it out, and try to reach it with your hands. Repeat this, and make sure you're squeezing and engaging that core. No rest here, let's swap to the other side. Rest up, catch your breath, and next, we've got pop lunges. First drop into a lunge, then pop back upwards to the middle, then lunge on the other side, and repeat. Just go nice and slow for low impacts. Keep pushing, guys! You're doing well, just four more to go, and we're done with set two. No break here, but that's okay! We're doing some jumping jacks. A nice and easy one. Alright, short rest again. Shake it out, and next, we are doing some lateral squat reaches. Squat down and reach for the mat, then move laterally and repeat. If you can't touch the mat, it's fine, just go as low as you can. No rest here! Let's finish off set two with some high knees. Let's do this guys, you can do it! Great job, everyone! That's set two! Pause the video here for a longer break. Let's start the third step with lunge jump. Lunge down and make sure your back knee almost touches the ground, then jump up vertically, having the right-hand motions for balance, and feel it in your left glutes. Make sure your front knee doesn't pass your toes, too. More than halfway through the workout guys! Keep going! Short rest here, and we'll move on to the other leg. 10 seconds rest here! You're doing amazing guys. Next we've got scissors twist. Lock your fingers together and twist while you're hopping back and forth. Make sure you're breathing and squeezing your abs each time. No rest here! Let's go into jumping overhead jacks. First, do a regular jumping jack with your hands to the side, then raise up your hands in the middle, and repeat. Keep your back straight, core engaged, and stay safe guys. Nice work guys! Halfway through the third set. You've got this. Start with a lunge to your side, then bring it to a curtsy lunge. Make sure you're lunging down low enough. Feel it in your thighs and your glutes. No rest here. Let's work the other leg. 10 seconds rest now! You're doing amazing, guys! Almost 15 minutes into the workout. We're almost there. Next we've got knee to squat. Start in a kneeling position, then get up into a squat, and then repeat. Stay down low, and feel that burn in your legs, your glutes, and your core. No rest here. Get upright, and we're hopping laterally, and doing a crunch. Keep going! We're almost there. Rest up a little, and the last exercise for this set is scissors twist. You've done this one before guys, so just push through it. You can do it! And that's the end of the third set! Do pause the video for a longer break, as we are getting down on our mat. Okay, final set! Get on your mat, and we're doing a push-up followed by a jack to the side. If you can't do a push-up, or if you're feeling too tired, just do it on your knees. It's totally fine, guys! Stay put in the same position. Next, we've got mountain climbers. Nice and easy exercise, just keep pushing, and work that core. We're almost there. Great work, guys! Now flip around onto your back, and we've got bicycle crunches. Touch your opposite knee with your elbow, if possible. And work those abs. Short rest here. We're moving on to reverse crunches. Just four more exercises to go, guys! Keep going. Lift your hips off the mat using your core, and make sure you lower your hips down slowly. Rest up! Catch your breath, and we've got spider plank next. While in a high plank position, lift yo

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