30-Day Workout Challenge – ‘I AM STRONG’ – Day 4 | NO EQUIPMENT REAL-TIME Workout

hello just workout squad so well done for making it to day four of the challenge you are absolutely awesome now today's affirmation is i am strong now this one is all about being physically strong but also mentally strong and we could be strong in many different ways so think about all the ways that you have been strong in the past in the present right now and also how you can be strong in the future because you are strong i am strong and we are gonna focus on that word so strong is our key word for today okay so before we go into the workout make sure that you're nice and warm the links for the warm-ups are in the description box in this video and also in the pdf download if you're part of the private facebook group okay without further ado we are gonna go into the workout and start off with s which we all know now is 25 glute bridges so get those booties ready and let's go okay let's do this remember to engage your core and you want to draw that line from your shoulder all the way for your knees pushing your hips up towards the ceiling three two one let's do this one two big squeeze three [Music] good nine [Music] 19 bullies on fire 20 okay last five big squeezes one two three four and five twenty five whoa okay so we are going to actually go straight into the next exercise so we're going to go into plank position and kick off t which is military planks we have 20 reps remember squeeze those glutes it parallels to the floor and also keep your core engaged let's do this one two three four five six keep going you are strong eight nine ten that's halfway 11 12 13 14 15 good keep pushing 16 17 18 19 and 20. good stuff [Music] got that one caught is burning i'm feeling strong okay so next up we have our which is 60 seconds of air punches all right so focus on that word i am strong are you ready three two one let's go let's punch like two minutes i am strong i am strong good keep going core is tight punch with meaning [Music] keep going got this if you can increase the speed go for it we're punching with power today [Music] good stuff okay time check 27 seconds to go [Music] good stuff keep going okay 15 seconds let's pick up the speeder now you've got this i am strong you are strong powerful [Music] okay last three two one and shake off those arms shimmy out those shoulders okay so now we are going to oh which is a mountain climber so we're going to go back down onto the mat and we have 30 seconds in which to do this are you ready plank position core is engaged nice and tight three two one and let's go [Music] driving those knees under your chest keeping your coat nice and tight [Music] okay this is a move where it really gets you just remember to remind yourself that you are strong say over and over to yourself [Music] [Music] and good stuff is well and truly settling in okay so now we are going on to end which is 50 sumo squats so if you do struggle with the lower body moves especially lunges hand squats and the modifications do not help make sure to head on over to our knee friendly workouts to check those out okay but let's keep going we're going to do 50 reps chest is nice and high court engaged pushing those knees out on the way down and driving up through the hills and squeezing the glutes on the up let's do this one two three four five six seven squeeze eight nine ten reasons wishing you would kiss me thirteen you've got this 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 good keep going and one two three four halfway five six seven you are strong eight nine and thirty one two [Music] three good push four five six keep going seven eight nine forty last ten one two you've got this keep pushing three i am strong four five [Music] 50 good stuff oh feeling that burn okay so we are going to finish off with push-ups so we are finishing off nice and strong okay back down onto your mat we're going to be doing 20 reps of these okay so implant position core is tight glutes are nice and tightly squeezed belly buttons into your spine 20 reps in three two one let's go one inhale on the down two exhale three four [Music] five good six seven eight [Music] nine ten halfway eleven keep your chin in twelve thirteen good you are strong fourteen push through fifteen sixteen keep the cold point seventeen eighteen nineteen and last one 20. yes guys you are strong you absolutely crush this workout we got this workout well done for smashing another day remember to think about the affirmation and apply it to your daily life now we have four in the bag i hope you're ready for tomorrow make sure to stretch out always listen to your body and enjoy the rest of your day [Applause] [Music] peace

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