30 min DUMBBELL SCULPT WORKOUT | Full Body | No Repeats

what's up everyone today we have a 30 minute dumbbell sculpt workout i'll be using eight pound weights but anything from five to ten pounds work perfectly depending on how challenging you want it to be this is a low impact routine with both standing and floor exercises we'll be working the whole body arms legs and core today so let's get started all right let's get started with just one dumbbell first up we have squat step out nice and wide bring it back to center alternating sides here we go we have 45 seconds on the clock then 15 seconds break for each movement good sink those hips lower [Music] for me [Music] [Applause] all right take a break next step reverse lunges right leg forward left leg steps back reverse twist twist tap in and straight back here we go left leg back twist through those obliques quick step [Music] [Music] [Music] all right take a breather and we're gonna do the other leg [Music] here we go right leg steps back [Music] [Music] all right grab the other dumbbell we have bent arm lateral raise and then punch forward one arm and then the other [Music] here we go if you did choose much heavier weights for this workout that punch part forward might be a little bit challenging if so just stick with the lateral raises [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right we have squat and press overhead [Music] here we go inhale squat exhale press good hold those ribs in and core is strong make sure you're not arching the back as we press overhead [Music] wow [Music] [Music] okay we have single arm bicep curl so you're going to curl with your right arm here and then the other arm is holding an isometric hold here [Music] let's do it exhale inhale [Music] me [Music] all right release now we're going to switch arms [Music] here we go left arm is curling this time [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right next up alternating curtsy lunges step that leg diagonally behind you curtsy and back up palms are facing up we're adding that bicep curl [Music] here we go wide bicep curl inhale exhale [Music] we got that [Music] all right coming down to the floor you're gonna ditch one dumbbell put it by your upper body we're gonna do mason twist twist to one side twist to the other you're leaning back let's go i twist through those shoulders work the core [Music] come into your back you're going to extend those legs switch then press into a crunch switch then crunch to modify keep those knees bent here we go exhale inhale you're reaching for the sky [Music] [Music] okay place the dumbbell onto your hips feet or hip width here you're going to exhale press those hips up inhale down [Music] here we go press up and lower good pull those ribs down lifting from those glutes press into the heels to help drive those hips [Music] [Music] [Music] grab your other dumbbell you're going to bring your dumbbells together press and lift the hips inhale exhale so you're combining it with a narrow chest press here good dumbbells together palms are facing in out your round take me to a different place just the two of us and we can stay up all night kissing on the street lights doing what we want to doing what we need to do staying up all night everything is [Music] all right drop those hips palms facing in hands are shoulder width we're gonna do bend through those arms and then exhale for skull crushers working those triceps to modify just use one dumbbell let's go inhale exhale good take these nice and slow good if you're not feeling it then maybe take those elbows a little bit further back [Music] all that time away from you i didn't think i'd make it without you by my side let me feel your love again all right ditch one dumbbell come onto hands and knees with your dumbbell in your right hand you're gonna do a row then a wide fly slight bend through the elbow for the fly keep it lifted here we go exhale inhale lift and lower good really control it avoid swinging [Music] i wanna [Music] [Applause] [Music] be you [Music] all right take a breather then we're going to do the left arm [Music] [Applause] [Music] here we go row wide fly good [Music] let me be there [Music] [Music] okay picking up the other dumbbell come to standing we have sumo squat but you're using both dumbbells inhale exhale so those feet are nice and wide slightly turned out here we go inhale exhale [Music] feel better [Music] all right single leg deadlift we have our right leg forward and left leg is tap back inhale exhale if you do want to intensify every other rep we're gonna lift the back leg here we go inhale exhale keep those hips even as we lift that back leg if you are choosing that variation good make sure the left hip doesn't open up keep those hips facing square to the floor good moving super slow [Music] all right and switch legs here we go left leg forward stagger those legs [Music] good for that leg lift your body should be moving like a so it should be moving in one flat line as you lean forward [Music] [Music] all right dumbbells together you're gonna do an overhead press then a tiny pulse forward press teeny pulse here we go press pulse good [Music] i can hurt you like you hurt [Music] okay we have wide curl diagonal press up and lower your alternating arms [Music] let's go curl rest curl and lower good [Music] i can hurt you like you hurt me [Music] okay we have narrow squat little pulse and two hammer curls palms facing in [Music] let's go weight is in the heels [Music] good hold that core as we do our bicep curls [Music] foreign [Music] okay we're gonna do alternating lunge backs so lunge back and then two tricep extensions knees are bent you're leaning forward then lunge back the other leg [Music] here we go reverse lunge get into position two tricep extensions good [Music] but [Music] and we have overhead tricep extensions inhale exhale make sure those elbows aren't splaying out to the side here we go inhale exhale good [Music] elbows can be slightly in front of you good belly to spine use that breath [Music] all right two upright rows one two elbows wide then you're gonna lean forward we have wide row here we go exhale to row inhale to extend good find that positioning before you begin those rows [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] i just can't give up [Music] stitch one dumbbell the other dumbbell comes into the center here we find a plank position with those hands about matte width push up grab the dumbbell open up good to modify either do it without the dumbbell or just push ups knees down [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music] okay come on to your left elbow dumbbell comes onto the outer thigh here we're going to lift the hips up into a modified side plank and we're just going to lift and lower that leg good to modify this you can either do it without the dumbbell or keep those hips down [Music] this move is tough to hold for 45 seconds so just hold those hips up for as long as you can [Music] keep going i know it's tough [Music] okay switch sides [Music] here we go find that side plank keep

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