30 MIN FULL BODY STRETCHING – perfect for rest days / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

hello everyone thanks for joining me for today's 30-minute stretching routine this is basically a longer version of the 15-minute dating stretch that app loaded before I recommend doing this longer version on a rest day or whenever you feel super stiff and have very sore muscles and just feel like your body it deserves some extra love let's get right into it we're just going to sit here at first and let's do some head rolls warming up the neck to one side and then you can also switch to the other side [Music] don't forget to breathe very slowly and relaxed throughout the entire routine now we're slowly going to stretch to one side put your elbow down on the floor feel the stretch in the side of your body [Music] when I was doing the routine yesterday night when I was testing it I feel like a newborn big bathroom [Music] now we slowly going to muscle I also like to interlock my fingers behind my back and then give my chest some space pull your shoulders back and push your chest out very good let's come into a tabletop position and we continue with some cat and cow roles [Music] this is all so amazing to increase the mobility of your spine warm-up back ok let's go into downward facing dog we know this one burnout stretches the calves the hamstrings the upper body the shoulders basically the entire body try to keep your back straight try to put your heels on the ground and lift your butt high in there you can also include some walks [Music] now we continue with the push-up position and a cobra position back into downward facing dog go shop and for the Cobra might also give your chest stretcher tummy and chest [Music] [Music] [Music] they stay in composition and we adds a little Cobra push up increasing the mobility of our spine [Music] slowly rolling up and down and now into my favorite structure the shoulder stretch put your arm to the side and a 90 degree angle and then we twist to the side twist even lower volume to fiber yarn and stretching the shoulder and stretching the chance which side it is 90 degree angle and then turn to the side and then the more you want to stretch the more you twist your chest to the other side try to keep your shoulder on the ground and just enjoy the pain very good slowly come up into a very deep squat I like to call this hippie in the woods opening up the hips and ankles put your arms and you've with stability and then give your chest imposed on the collapse rather stay up here and stay here and we add some big rotation without your body from one side to the other side make sure that your knees don't go out in words they always stay in the same position [Music] okay lift up your hips and bend down with your upper body the upper body is very heavy leaning down towards the ground keep your leg straight who is stretching your hamstrings [Music] now we stretch to one leg only trying to keep my back nice and engaged and feeling the stretch and the one name in particular [Music] and over to the other side [Music] walk your feet together so you're close to each other and then stretch downwards try to keep your back straight people on this church here we have East Union pass [Music] you over to all the hip flexor stretches so come into the lunge position sit down with your you feel the stretch in your thigh and your hip flexor [Music] don't forget to breathe thing down your knee mat breathe in and then lean backwards increasing the stretch in your hip flexor even more you can also stretch to the side bring down both of your hands on the ground and then include a big rotation I'm lifting up behind me again [Music] bringing down the tea again lifting the foot and reaching with the opposite arm for the foot gently pulling it towards your butt and feeling the stretch and very intense stretch in my back moving over to the pigeon position so I'll walk your foots to that root sign off on that thing down your knee and then get comfortable in the pigeon position feeling the stretch in your butts on this side you can also lean down [Music] we included I stretch so lift up your foot reach for it with the opposite arm and gently very gently pull your foot towards your back [Music] okay now watch closely what I'm doing I'm pitching my knee and both my legs and 90-degree angles like this and like this and now I'm leaning forwards grabbing my foot so it stays in place and leaning forward and feeling the stretch in this budget staying in this position and now I'm leaning over Danya good so I'm leaving the over in the direction of my foot [Music] let's switch sides come into my hip flexor stretch the lunch position on that same side same down with your hip get comfortable find your balance don't forget to breathe [Music] [Music] [Music] I'm putting my knee on the floor breathing in and then I'm leaning out and leaning backwards including a nice back bend [Music] and also need all this I'd put you both my hands on the floor and listening up the knee and twisting to the side of my knee opening the chest [Music] we include the thighs stretch to lift up your foot reach forward with the AUSA's hand and gently pull it towards your butt walk your foot over to the side and literally in a pigeon position makes you have her foot like this it's hotter if you move your foot more towards the direction of your hips out backwards it definitely gets easier so a 90 degree angle will be super hard and then moving it more towards the back makes it easier feel the stretch in your back [Music] [Music] we lift up the foot reach for it with it off with an arm and include a thigh stretch [Music] bring your legs in 90 degree angle sons again and lean to the front my budget [Music] then we gotta lean over diagonally then this is in the direction how did you get hurt Wow [Music] sit back on your bum we're going to start stretching our hamstrings I'm reaching for my right foot to with my right arm opening the chest and then leaning downward in a straight way don't sound everything do it straight and controlled and now we're going to switch the arms and reach for the foot with our left arm instead [Music] again giving the chest subspace twisting to the front switching that student same thing on the other side [Music] my spine was just cracking [Music] switching arms reaching over to the side giving the chest space twisting to the front [Music] [Music] open up relay from you and why did the candidate and then reach forwards to me as far as again try to keep your back straight I like to label my legs to find a comfy position and then reach forward as far as you can [Music] which offered to one side keeping your chest based try to lay your head on your knee I think I got better at this one remember for the 50 minute daily stretch it wasn't able to reach me I love the stretch in the side of my body and moving over to the other side it's opening your chest and then lay it down as far as it can look [Music] slowly and gently meet your feet in the middle of your in the front of your hip come into

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