30 min SLIM WAIST & THIGH: No Jumping AB + LEG Workout (Results in 3 Weeks) ~ Emi

hi i'm emmy so it's been a few months since the last 30 minutes workout i know that you guys love these long workouts and i love that you do because it means you want to dedicate more time to work on yourself and your goals and i'm all for it this workout will focus on slimming down two target areas the waist including the abs and belly area and the thighs there will be three sets each set has 10 exercises each exercise 40 seconds with 20 seconds rest in between and you'll also get 40 seconds rest after each set before we start the workout first i want to thank your function of beauty for sponsoring this video i love the shampoo and conditioners that are 100 customizable all you need to do is to fill out a two-minute quiz about your hair type hair goals color fragrance even the name on the bottle all their products are 100 vegan and cruelty free with no parabens sulfates gmos or toxins and because i have very fine hair with split ends the formula i personally chose was according to my five hair goals volumize strengthen replenish hair fix split ends and deep conditioning i'm really glad that my hair is now much smoother and doesn't break as easily the fragrance i chose was eucalyptus and mint smells so good and the colors i picked were silvery blue for shampoo and lavender for conditioner i got a hair mask as well also 100 customized and can be added on to any order if you're also interested to try functional beauty you can click the link in the description box below for 20 off your first order all right if you're ready for the workout let's go we will focus on ab exercises that target the waist and belly in the first set and then thigh and lick in the second and a mix of both in the last set now let's begin our first set first exercise is side to side crunch to work on the side abs the muffin top and our inner core exercise feet together with knees bent fingers behind your head crunch your abs to lift your head and shoulders off the floor then squeeze the side of your belly to bend to each side as you touch your knee with elbow on the same side [Music] 20 more seconds to go keep up the good [Music] work [Music] rest for 20 seconds next one is knee side drop we were so damn high we could touch the sky [Music] dance arms on the floor press your belly towards the floor and drop your bent legs to one side crunching your abs to lift them back up and drop to the other side alternate side for 40 seconds [Music] focus on using the strength of your abs and belly for each lift instead of just swinging your legs you made the decision to dedicate this 30 minutes to work on yourself your goals your health and your fitness make it count rest third exercise is slow at fight to work out belly from all angles targeting the upper side inner and also lower abs [Music] slow and controlled twist your torso from one side to another as you touch your opposite knee with elbow extending the other leg the slower the movement the lower you extend your leg the more burn you get no rush [Music] no dropping until timer is up hang in there this is what we're here for [Music] fourth is knee side plank dip [Music] [Music] exercise in knee side plank lifting your torso up by tightening your side up so that your head to knee is in one straight line lower your body and dip your hip until it taps the floor then squeezing your side abs lift yourself back up continue on the side for 40 seconds [Music] you should be feeling the bun in your waist enjoy it keep it going [Music] fifth is the same movement but on the other side [Music] [Music] exercise using this time to remember the goals you set for yourself what you want to achieve and how this workout can get you closer to your goals so get energized and give your 100 in this [Music] have workout wait we're halfway through the first set sixth is slow russian twist tape with your abs to lift your legs up the lower they are to the floor the harder and the more burn you get palms together slowly twist your torso from side to side as you tap the floor outside off your hip [Music] no dropping keep your licks lifted you're doing amazing so far [Music] seventh is wipe you to concentrate the burn in the lower abs and side belly area [Music] elbows on the floor supporting your torso up legs together with slight bend and the knees drawing a white u shape from one side to another remember that we're keeping our legs off the floor throughout the whole movement again the lower your legs go as you draw the yu the harder and the more burn you get in the belly challenge yourself no pain no gain [Music] eighth is reverse crunch act like we're gonna be friends hands below the bum lift your hips and legs up towards the sky as you crunch your abs pretty straight forward but i always get the most intense at burn from this exercise which is why i love it it means it works we're almost done with fasta don't give up [Music] rest ninth is knee side plank elbow to continue to work our core and side abs exercise get into knee side plank crunch your abs and lift your upper knee to touch your elbow [Music] tighten your core and use your abs to keep your body lifted so that you're putting less weight in your arm almost there guys rest final exercise is the same movement but on the other side [Music] exercise we'll get a 40 seconds break after this push it really crunch your abs in each wrap and make the most of it [Music] last 20 seconds to go keep it up [Applause] [Music] rest we're done with the first set one third of this workout rest for 40 seconds and we'll get on to the second set to slim thighs and legs grab some water stretch a bit enjoy the rest you can lie down on the floor to get ready for the next exercise [Applause] eleventh is climbs exercise licks up together perpendicular to the floor keeping your toes together then bend your knees pointing outward and towards your chest as low as possible in every rep imagine you're opening your knees up to the side like a clam then work your thighs to push your legs back up together it might look funny but you should begin to feel the burn in your thighs 12th as we pulses same starting position open up your legs slightly into a small v then just pulse them to the side here for 40 seconds do it quick without dropping your legs down or putting them back together [Applause] be mindful to focus on using your thighs for each pose rest thirteenth is slow leg lifts [Music] lie on one side legs together working the thigh in your upper leg lift it up and down but keep it in the air do it slowly for more burn continue for 40 seconds the burn in the thigh is getting more intense but we're not dropping out late keep the burn going because this is how we see progress [Music] 14th is the same movement but on the other side [Music] exercise slow and controlled let the burns do the work [Music] every change has a reason baby let it come to you every soul every season lives outside a status quo [Music] is is slow inner leg left to work on the inner si – 30 min SLIM WAIST & THIGH: No Jumping AB + LEG Workout (Results in 3 Weeks) ~ Emi

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