Hi, I'm Emi! The results you got from our previous workout program were so motivating that I decided to create a longer challenge this time. Welcome to our brand new one-month total body fat burning program for four weeks in total. You can find all of the workouts, including links to all of the workout videos, in the description box below. We will be doing different body parts every day and have a rest day every week. You will see that at the beginning of each week there are also new fitness videos. So subscribe and turn on the notification button to stay updated with all the latest videos on Instagram hashtag Emi transform. Share your progress, you can also tag me, I want to celebrate your day with your conversion being day one. We will start strong with a 20 minute full body workout where you will feel the burn in various parts of your body before we start the workout. I want to thank the great shadow legends for their sponsorship. Today's Video Rain is a free turn-based RPG game available on mobile and PC that Chad and I have been playing for a lot of this quarantine phase of the game. You have a lot of champions using lenses to expand your collection, so you can Customize and upgrade it yourself. What I love about this game is the various game modes. There is a great campaign with a great storyline where you can compete. Clannad bosses are fought after you join clans and dungeon levels. This companion is a brand new arena. Tournaments where you can compete against an entire team while bending ice peaks in Spider Battles or fighting against the Infamous Dragon. Earn points based on your level and you can win some awesome bonus tournaments both locally and globally if you use the below As a new player you will get 100,000 silver + a free championship, all these treasures will be waiting for you here I hope you enjoy this game as much as we do, let's start with 15 exercises of 30 seconds each with a break in between 10 seconds, we're going to do two rounds. The first exercise is to touch the floor and ground to start burning fat. Exercise with your feet apart. Point to squat and tap the floor. Then stand up. Reach your arms above your head and lift as fast as you can. Chest, for maximum burn. Second, spread. Jump your feet back up to the high plank, then jump back onto your hands and jump up. This is an explosive movement, push yourself to see what you can achieve. Third, do the abs half legs. For elevated crunches, raise your legs to 45 degrees, then lower them a few inches off the floor. Curl, lift your torso up with your hat and shoulders, and press your back back to the floor. To target the burns in the abs fourth is to go in and out of walking squats one step at a time lick to the side squatting down then standing up squatting again alternating between up and down squats you can feel the burns building up on your thighs and that's what we have here Work done number five is yoga push-ups for arms, shoulders, back and chest. Dive into orgasmic dog and push yourself back down slowly and controlled. Set goals and think about your goals for this workout. Number six is ​​punch. Punch as hard as you can. , then spread your feet apart. Your effort determines your final result. So go faster and hit seven harder, we focus on crunches for abs to tighten the belly and abs, arms straight overhead and then walk for ten seconds kicking ass and high knees to make more fat burning from the quad butt Kicks to start, then four high knee drills alternating between the two, we were sweating and out of breath. Let it burn and get us closer to our goal of nine, although the abs are applied from all angles and the inner elbow plate must heal in a straight line. Bring your knees to our elbows alternating sides tighten your core and keep your abs just sit down and press your back against the wall parallel to the floor arms don't touch anything to keep it there i know What are you going to say about the stove bill? Next I would say, no pain, no gain. Number 11 is the Pike Jump Jack. Jump your feet toward your hands and then jump back to the high plank. Then, with your feet spread apart, jump your feet back tightly to Lower your hips and work your way through the first round to finish yes 12 it's a strong jet of airbrush practice tighten your application to lift your torso and legs so you touch your heels and then lower down but don't let your legs Legs off the ground Learn to love the burn because it means the workout is going on Yeah number 13 is the Parker Push Up Handstand V exercise, bend your elbows and lower your torso toward the ground and then push yourself back up I know this is a challenge but We challenge ourselves here. This is how we make progress Yes, step fourteen is the jumping lunge with the mythical pause Practice jumping and extending your arms into a double lunge at a 90 degree angle and then bringing your feet together Heat up your hands. Tuna between the sides Be careful when overloading the card. Don't pull the cord. It's almost done. We're breathing stronger and stronger and yes, 15 last exercises on the first round of round planks. This is a little different from the usual high planks. Go around your back here and squeeze your belly as if someone is hitting you. Hold it like the core part and keep squeezing your app and sucking on your belly Dan what a good first round work, rest for 20 seconds and focus. Let's move on to the second round of the first exercise sky and floor exercise, you've done the first round, you can do it Yes, the second spread exercise to remind yourself that you are undefeated. No one, not even yourself, can bring you down. Although go ahead and just think of this as a half licking contest exercise that focuses on using your lower abs to curl each lip and squeeze your abs. Yeah, in and out of the squad. Don't think about what you have to lose in this workout. Think about your purpose in reaching your fitness goals. , confidence, strength, not only the body but also the mind, yes, the fifth is yoga push-ups, the harder you work out, the more you feel your body is challenged and the more results you get throughout the process, sake is the punch exercise Any negativity, frustration and anxiety that you can't shake off. Every rep is a win. All we need to do is try our best to get to the finish line without wasting my time. I know we have a connection. I'm thinking about you. Yeah. , just go astray please click settings exercise believe it's impossible if we just try it even if it feels hot right now there's nothing we can't achieve try to make your body surprise you yes viii just cake and henny Exercise, make sure the high knees are high enough it's not called knees up, hands up, waist forward, knees up, it's another amazing week for you my love yeah number nine is the spider board Exercise I don't want to waste notes cuz I can't let you out Yeah Heth is sitting on the wall knowing we can find just exercise for 30 seconds now. Wait you're much more powerful than commendable I'm in Yes, we're all jump pole jacks last five exercises. We're killing it Yeah the 12th is a jackknife No pain, no gain again Challenge your body to reach your highest potential Yes the 13th pike push ups Yes the 14th Jump to lunch So no more jumping so every Jumping into 150% can burn off those calories and we're on autopilot like cold mustard. I Met Babies You're Distracted Cicada Overload Be careful not to pull the cord And our final final exercise Round Plate Workout and enjoy these apps plus Nicole Byrne's push for a rounded belly back We Killed It 20 Minutes of Body Fat drained your energy and your determination motivated me and that’s why I’m here to celebrate myself Before you subscribe and share your progress on instagram using the hashtag Start by stretching. Emmys You can find all the other videos from the 30-Day Plan in the description box below – 4-WEEK FULL BODY TRANSFORM WORKOUT PROGRAM | 20 min Fat Burning HIIT #EmiTransform

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