5 min BRUTAL ABS WORKOUT | Advanced Core | No Wrists

hi everyone my name is Michaela and we're going to do a five minute brutal abs workout today we'll be strengthening and toning those core muscles with no breaks we'll have 10 movements for 30 seconds each this is also a wrist and Ankle friendly workout we won't be doing any planks today so get ready to feel the burn and let's get to it [Music] all right let's get started with your first move come on to your back we have cross crunch with a reach exhale inhale here we go okay we're alternating sides and get those shoulders off the ground as we reach [Music] so I'd lengthen through your neck here you got it 10 seconds [Music] Arms by your side reverse crunch tuck those knees into your chest as we lift the hips off the ground return back to that starting position exhale lift inhale back okay so you want to avoid using momentum here just use those low core muscles to get your hips off the ground good nice and controlled [Music] leg switches create an L shape with your legs switch and switch if you want to challenge the get head neck and shoulders off the ground good [Music] almost there good and scissor switches okay so we're gonna hover those legs off the ground the lower you take your legs the harder this movement is good connect your low back to the floor [Music] keep breathing good you have 10 seconds get those legs lower switch [Music] all right sit up make a boat shape tap your toes down roll back down good good lengthen through your spine really control on the way down [Music] all right same thing sit-ups but with a knee go to your alternating legs bring that knee to chest [Music] all right we are killing our ABS today feeling that burn [Music] Ed [Music] all right come on up halfway plant those feet we've got punches one two three four and lower part way one two three four up and lower [Music] and down [Music] again burning some extra calories with these punches here getting that heart rate up good nice and strong hands together Mason twist okay if you want to challenge yourself then get those toes off the ground gotta remember to twist not just with your arms but also with your shoulders twist your shoulders towards one side then the other [Music] good keep on leaning back open chest [Music] all right come on down we have a bicycle variation twist extend that leg twist to your knee and extend good [Music] oh this one's a Tuffy [Music] it is getting a little bit challenging for the last few seconds that lift those legs a little bit higher off the ground move left jackknife reach and then reach for your toes inhale exhale all right I think I did a good job with naming this workout because these have exercises are brutal inhale exhale come on you can do it last few seconds [Music] almost there and you did it amazing job you guys you've made it through don't forget to like this video And subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this workout and also follow me on my FIT by Nick Instagram account I'll see you in our next workout bye [Music]

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