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5 Things to get Small Waist, Flat Tummy & Hourglass Shape

okay hi guys welcome back it's been a while since we sit and talk so today I'm sharing with you the things that you should know if you want to have a small waist flat tummy and an hourglass shape I have my water bottles ready let's get into it [Music] do you always have this question no matter how hard I train my abs it just doesn't appears on my body here's the thing you should know you need to do cardio plus the strength training because if your body fat is too high no matter how hard or how many Sweat and Tears you put in your abs workout it just won't show unique cardios to burn fat and some ABS training to strengthen your abdominal muscle so once you reduce the fats the muscles underneath what pops up and that is your abs so some girls are so afraid of bulking up but the truth is building muscle skin actually help you to burn more fat so when you're working on all those larger muscle groups like your thighs your chest your back you're actually boosting up your metabolism so that it can speed up and improve the progress as the fats comes off your body it comes off your bellies too so don't think you just only need to work on your abs this is a misconception you don't have to do mine there are tons of great cardios and Abstract out there just choose the one you like but if you're interested in mine I'll put it in the cards and I will leave some links in the description down below okay so after you train your cardios and your abs you also need to build up your shoulders and your booty so this is pretty easy to understand so once you train your shoulders and your booty once they expand it will sort of have this illusion that your waist is Tiny and smaller so this will create an hourglass shape okay imagine you only train your abs especially side ABS your body will appears like a straight line but once you train your shoulders and your booties your waist will look so much smaller I always do waist workout I always do abs workout but it just doesn't seems effective have you trained your back once you tighten up your back muscle it will sort of pull your waist backward and then you would definitely look slimmer and once your back muscle is strong enough it also affects your brown shoulder because I want to have that curve on my waist I want to have like a beautiful hourglass shape but I realize that the more I do this the thicker it became like it literally grow out and it becomes a straight line in here like straight down I was like a pan this is not ideal the reason why you have neck hump round shutters and pool posture is probably you have very weak back muscles so don't just train your abs because you want a tiny waist you need to balance all the muscle groups so that your body will appear in hourglass shape okay so next up on the agenda is about eating so we all know if you want to slim down your body to have a beautiful figure you need to control your diet and you need to be in calorie deficits I'm not asking you to cut carbs to cut sugar to cut fats I'm asking you to prioritize your protein because protein is a big building block of your muscles it is crucial to help you to repair and maintain your muscle tissues so this is a video from Tech education it just basically explained it what makes a muscle grow and protein is one of the main components to build muscles so when we exercise We are tearing our muscles apart and having enough protein can help you to repair and grow your muscles while you're resting this video is quite short but it well explained that the mechanism behind it so if you guys are interested I will leave the link in the description box down below so long story shorts if you don't want to waste your sweat and tears from your abs workout eat more protein to keep your muscles on your body okay so the fourth one see if you are bloated or constipated sometimes you're not fat maybe you just bloated or you haven't been to the toilet for a while so if you get bloated stomach after you're eating probably you have a digestive issue or you're just simply eating too fast or if you have some food intolerance so if you feel like there's extra gas in your stomach I have a yoga routine just for bloated this will help you to ease off your symptoms and I have another videos on some tips to prevent exploding and constipation I will also put it in the description box what a break foreign this is from a personal experience a real personal experience is to reduce cold drinks so I suffered from period cream every month there was one or two months that I just did a little experiment I stopped drinking cold drinks anything cold so I skipped my morning iced coffee not having any great yogurt for breakfast just trying to avoid anything cold and for the following months I did feel less painful when my period came and I realized that when I went shower I realized that I have a flat stomach so I used to have this teeny tiny lower belly fats right here so those days when I look down it really had me gagging because I used to train my lower abs so hard but there is always a fat right there so then a search online I realized that the only different things that I did is to reduce any cold drinks the cold things this is actually related to traditional Chinese medicine so in Chinese medicine we believe that cold can cause coagulation and it slowed down your metabolism and Qi circulation so it is hard for you to burn fats and in order to protect some woman's reproductive organs your body will accumulate some fats around your uterus so that it can protect you from the cold so you probably see some ladies they are very thin they will still have a little belly right here if she likes some cold drinks I used to be very skeptical about this traditional Chinese medicine but it did happen on my body and they are research an article saying why you should avoid cold drinks cold water based on Chinese medicine and there are several videos online explained it why traditional Chinese medicine doesn't Advocate anything code don't worry we are not having Chinese medicine lessons here let me just cut it shorts so in traditional Chinese medicine according to that if you want to have a good health you need to balance your body temperature which represents gain in young elements you can understand it as cold and hot energy let's put it this way if one element is in Balance it's likely that person would get sick so we need to get rid of the extra heat so that we can restore the balance that explained it why some people even doctors will ask you to drink some hot water to kill from illness in another context we believe that cold water will slow down your organs especially when you're drinking cold water and having a hot meal that would create an imbalanced temperature and slow down your digestive system and it's very easy to lead to illness I don't want to make it sounds like I am aggressively promoting Chinese medicine but it does give many beneficial effects like it helps with your digestion help

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