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6 Pack Abs Workout | 3 Weeks Challenge

welcome back! We will be working on our abdominal muscles today, and we are using some weights to push ourselves a little. If you don't have dumbbells, that's totally okay because I also added an alternative version of the exercises for all the exercises. Now, you can find the entire program on the website and share your journey on YouTube, Instagram or Tik. Tok or even join my Discord server if you're looking for workout buddies. Hit like, leave us lots of comments as you progress, and let's get started! We have 14 exercises today. 30 to 40 seconds of exercises and 5 to 10 seconds of rest. You can do these exercises with or without dumbbells. And we will start with the legs in and out. Start with the hands extended with one dumbbell and the elbows unlocked. Then bring it toward your chest while bringing your knees in, then step back and repeat. For low impact, we're doing leg ins and outs without any dumbbells. Remember to always engage your abs, and if you don't have dumbbells you can always get creative and use something around the house like a water bottle. Next we have Russian twists. Make sure your feet are off the ground. Engage your abdominal muscles as you twist from side to side, working your obliques. For low impact, we do it without dumbbells. You can always do the exercise without weights. It's powerful, just go at your own pace! Okay, now stretched out on the mat and we're doing some cringe with the single leg. Krang, then bring your left knee into your arms, then we'll repeat on the other side. Take it slow and steady and focus on your abs. Be safe, guys. Okay, stay in the same position on the mat. Next we're going to do some leg drops and cranks first, lift those legs up and then slowly drop them. Lift them back up, and we crank them up with pulses, bringing yourself up a little further. Make sure your back is flat on the floor when you lower your legs. You guys are doing a great job! Now we start raising one leg and pulse, starting with the left leg. As you reach forward, make sure you engage your abdominal muscles and pulse and bring yourself up slightly again. Make sure you squeeze your abdominal muscles to feel the burn. Well, without breaks here. We switch to the other side now. Now get into the side plank position and we do some planks and reaches. Make sure you do not use very heavy dumbbells for this exercise. Do it slowly and with control. It should be challenging enough for you without affecting you while you are doing the exercise. And now we switch to the other side. We're halfway through the workout, guys! Keep going. You are capable! Great job guys! Now get into this mode and we have Halo Krangs that. As you bring your knees toward your chest, place the dumbbells on top of them and engage your abs. You are able to do the exercise! Squeeze your abs. Okay now, lie on the floor and we're doing krangs like a roll like this. Use your core abs to twist yourself up and let your dumbbells pass over your knees again. Make sure your abs are working throughout the exercise here. Just do it at your own pace. Keep the pressure on, guys, you can do it! Well, no rest here. Set the dumbbells aside and place your hands below your butt or to the side. We're doing some reverse leg extensions. Lift your hips off the floor using your core abdominal muscles. Make sure you use your core muscles here, then lower yourself and extend your legs. Now, get into a high plank position and place the dumbbells next to you. We're just taking turns here and moving the dumbbells from one side to the other. While you are doing this exercise, focus on keeping your breath in good shape. Your abdominal muscles are engaged and your butt is not tucked up. Now get into a low plank position and raise the dumbbells in front of you. As before, keep your abs engaged and do not lift your butt. We're almost there, guys. Keep going! And the last exercise is the V rotations. Flip yourself over onto your butt with your dumbbells ready at your side and have the dumbbell go under one leg, then repeat on the other leg. You're basically drawing a figure eight with the dumbbells like this, and make sure you're leaning back a little, and the heel is over. Land, engage your abs and that's the exercise, guys! I hope you enjoyed this routine with dumbbells. Like this video, leave comments about how your workout went or if you have any questions, and I'll see you in the next workout. See you soon!

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