7 DAYS CHALLENGE to Lose Weight|20 Min STANDING Beginner Friendly HIIT Cardio Workout (No Equipment

Before Now Hello everyone! It is the month of April today. I am here to share with you one of the most powerful HIIT exercises for burning fat that helped me greatly in my journey to lose weight. These exercises can be performed entirely in the standing position. They are 15 exercises. All exercises last from 30 to 45 seconds, and we have 15 seconds of rest between them. Every exercise. Now let's start with the first exercise. Raise your leg and arm. Raise your leg next to your body and raise your hands at the same time and bring them back again. This exercise trains your arms, leg, and side waist. When you raise your leg, notice that the abdominal muscles are not relaxed, but are tightened using… Your legs and abdominal muscles together to raise your legs as high as possible. Tighten your hip muscles as well. This will help maintain balance while raising your legs. Exhale through your mouth and inhale through your nose when lowering your leg. You can slow down a little and let the movement follow the rhythm of your breathing. Okay, let’s take a break for 15 minutes. Again, let's start the next exercise, the Russian spinning exercise. Everyone should adjust the strength of the movement and the speed of the exercise according to their condition. Do not turn too quickly or at a greater angle than necessary. You should feel some tension, but without feeling pain. For today's exercise, we will start with this easy and comfortable movement after our body becomes warm and Ready, we can start with more intense movements. Okay, let's take a break for 15 seconds. The next exercise is to squat with the foot bent just as you extend the leg outward. Your hands make a thumbs-up gesture and your thumbs point back at the same time. Engage both of your shoulders inward. In other words, make the shoulders Facing each other, extend your hands backward to the maximum extent, then repeat this exercise for the buttocks, legs, arms, and upper back muscles. It is also useful in correcting the protrusion of the chest, so this exercise must be done correctly. Let us rest now. Now take a 15-second rest. The next exercise is to raise the knee while extending the foot. Notice that our feet point to the side and to the front of the body so that we slim the side of the waist. The first basic point when raising the leg is to raise your toes. This can help us better mobilize the abdominal muscles to participate in the movement. If your feet are relaxed, this movement will only train your legs and not the abdominal and waist muscles. Lateral The second basic point: Raise your leg to the highest level and stay at the highest level for a few seconds. The third basic point: When you raise your legs, take a long exhale through your mouth. This can train the waist and abdomen well, and raise the legs up, which can be better lifted now. Rest 15 seconds now. Switch to the other side and do the same thing. Point your toes during this exercise and make sure to tap on the front side of your body. Raise your leg to the highest level. Take your time to perform each movement. Pay attention to your breathing. Exhale when you raise your leg. Inhale when you put it down. Make sure to exhale when you raise your leg and do not do the opposite. You will feel This exercise is easy, but if you do it correctly, it is good tiring. Take a rest for 15 seconds. The next exercise is an exercise that is familiar to us, which is jumping rope when jumping. Kick your heels to your butt. This type of jumping will increase the speed of the heartbeat and burn fat in a way. Better, if you do not like jumping, you can do the modified exercise in the upper right corner. As you do the modified exercise, make sure to raise the front of your foot as far away from the ground as possible. After that, you will find that the muscles in your legs have become thinner, as well as your ankle. We have 15 exercises today, and we have already finished a third of them. Continue Progress! Okay, take 15 seconds of rest, then we push the high knee and extend your arm. Make sure to tighten your buttocks as well. Tighten your abdominal muscles. This point is essential for balancing your body and avoiding body instability. So how about tightening your butt? Imagine that you are holding a thin piece of paper between your buttocks. How to tighten the abdomen is tightening. Navel back. Imagine that you place your navel near your spine while you move your arms down. Engage your shoulder blades and hold for a few seconds maximum. You will feel tension in your upper back and arms. Good. Let’s rest for 15 seconds. Switch to the other side and do the same movement. Make sure you tighten. The buttocks and abdomen will be more stable when you do this. When we raise our arms, we do not shake our shoulders. This does not raise the upper shoulder and shrink the neck. This is a secret tip to avoid shaking, which is breathing when you feel tired and want to shake your shoulders. Take a long breath through your mouth and then relax your muscles completely. You will avoid bloating. Your muscles and shoulders. Now you should feel pain in your legs as well as your arms and back, right? Right, that's what we want. Everyone is waiting for you, let's go. Okay, take a break and then we're going to raise the knees. Keep the abdominal muscles tight. Raise your legs as high as possible when you jump. Let's do this for 30 seconds. If you don't want to jump, you can do the modified exercise in the right corner. Supreme It's a great exercise to burn fat all over your body, especially your abdominal muscles, legs and hips. We have a few seconds left, come on everyone. Okay, take a break. The next exercise is side and back leg raises. Keep your abdominal muscles and hips tight to balance your body. Notice that the body does not move when… Raise the legs only. Move the legs, especially when kicking the legs back. Make sure not to tilt your butt back. This means maintaining the stability of the pelvis. Just do this. Can we train the legs and buttocks efficiently by alternating? Not only can we not exercise the part we want to exercise, but it will also cause back pain. Okay, let’s take it. Rest, we will do the same thing on the other side. The body must remain stationary and only the legs move. Pay attention to your breathing. Exhale when raising the legs and inhale when lowering the legs. The exercise works on the inner and outer thighs as well as our buttocks and also improves the hip dips as well as improving the hip line to make the legs look longer. I know. You are now very exhausted, but you must continue every time. Even if we can stay for one second in a few days, there will be a huge improvement. Do not give up, come on everyone! Okay, now rest for 15 seconds. After that, we will do squats and hand claps. Notice

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