7 Minute 1000 Steps Fat Burning Challenge

are you ready to do a thousand steps in seven minutes I hope you are so grab some water and let's get started I'm Holly bulky on a mission to make you feel confident in your body and your mind okay guys let's get ready for a thousand steps in seven minutes so just keep up with me we're gonna be marching we're gonna be picking up the pace because we want to get those thousand steps in for the day so let's go let's get those arms involved we want the whole body here to be working up a sweat and we want to get every single muscle involved so pick up the feet and let's go keep up with me guys so don't forget to move those arms let's get them involved to keep that enable sucked into the spine the entire time you land that core contracted cause you really want to be working at those muscles [Music] you guys want to move around the room like I'm doing that's absolutely fine you don't need to stay on the spot have fun with this move up and down side to side circle whatever is gonna get you entertained that's what I exercise is all about [Music] that's a come on pick up those feet come on we want to go keep going a thousand steps of seven minutes guys come on I think our back and forward should smooth those arms keep that core sucked in [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we're nearly up to a minute mark already – come on let's go pick those feet up higher and marching here that's it come on we get in there's a thousand steps and in seven minutes if you guys want to repeat this video more than once you're gonna get those steps up for the day that's it go get those new legs coming your way that's it keep going keep that core sucked in come on move those arms twist that body I want you sweating by the end of this combo [Music] – how coming at me forward move back get those feet up [Music] let's say keep pushing through those arms [Music] coming up to the halfway point soon to come on keep breathing in and out don't hold your breath inhale exhale grab some now I tried something I say keep going come on summer bud here I come let's go I just have to be cool looking like I'm crazy it's just such a great workout to do you can do it absolutely anyway you can do it in your bedroom in the kitchen in the lounge no equipment necessary to move those feet let's pick up the pace [Music] whoa that's it keep going [Music] get a little jog on the sky [Music] [Music] that's it move those arms come on kick that enable sucked into the spine don't let go keep those muscles contracted not long left keep pushing through that's it come on [Music] that you're doing so well you've not got long left keep going come on you want those stop the steps in don't you [Music] who is working up a sweat come on you've now got long left keep going power through power through c'mon let's get those feet up ah those arms going Naples sucked in breathe do not hold your breath [Music] I say keep going come on no got long left guys push through push through come on come back let's go forward have fun with this [Music] let's move to the side go background [Music] 10 seconds come on my hair's falling out excellent that's it guys a well done or have you feel so proud of yourself of doing those thousand steps in seven minutes so if you enjoyed this a thousand steps challenge then make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel just click on the button below and if you want exclusive health and fitness tips then be sure to head over to my website Holly dope is calm right now to sign up it's free now I want to turn it over to you how did you find me a thousand step challenge let me know in the comments below

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