8 min BARRE AND PILATES CORE SCULPT WORKOUT | No Planks | Intense Ab Routine + Modifications

get ready to fire up those abs today we're about to do an eight minute core sculpt workout with barn Pilates inspired exercises we'll have 40 seconds per move and modifications will be provided throughout so get ready to sculpt and I'll see you on the mat all right for our workout today we have 40 seconds per move so take breaks or modify where needed but remember to challenge yourself so let's get started on our elbows leaning back we have leg switches toe to knee here we go pressing away from the floor shoulders down go ahead and to modify you can keep both legs bent or just extend one leg at a time good steady breaths [Music] thank you stay here needs together you're going to tap then tap further tap lift up good to intensify you can extend and hover off the ground instead good [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] all right diamond shape with those legs we have sit-ups reach forward and control it on the way down you're turning out from the hips foreign [Music] stay on your back keep that diamond shape we have reverse crunch and then tap down okay that hip lift is optional make sure it's nice and controlled good you're using those lower abs to lift it up thank you all right plant the Left Foot Right ankle over the left thigh turn it out let's crunch twist right reach and down good reach long lift and down foreign keep that right leg on top bring it knee to the to knee we have angle Eagle crunch I'm gonna lift up elbows wide long neck [Music] [Music] good drawing those ribs down and impress the low back down good and other side plant the right leg and then left ankle over the right thigh twist reach twist back down good twist left leg stays on top slide it knee to knee Eagle crunch let's go good lifting that upper body to the sky chin away from chest relaxed all right we have set up twist the knee and back down sit up twist the other knee good so you're rowing that same arm as leg back [Music] stay here leaning back Palm flips one two three four good reach forward and back good moving at your own pace reach good maintain that posture in the upper body press those shoulders down open chest good foreign [Music] over hips dead bug same arm as leg good option to Crunch up here or stay down good we're using those ballet arms for this so round them out like you're holding a big Easter egg [Music] Arms by your side extend those legs slow lower send them in extend to the sky good pull that core in and lower back down beautiful keep it controlled [Music] good you're almost there this is your final move let's hold those legs down and do some beats for the last few seconds for a challenge let's do it breathe all right knees to chest and come on up you made it all right that was a quick paste AB routine please let me know in the comments down below if you prefer your ab workouts with outbreaks like this one or if you prefer breaks between each move if you felt the burn then hit the like button subscribe to my channel and I'll see you in the next one

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