8 Mins Lower Abs Workout | Lower Belly Burn – Flat Stomach Challenge

Today's exercise targets the lower abdominal muscles for only 8 minutes. This exercise will include your abdomen, the lower abdominal muscles, and also eight new episodes in this program. The complete daily schedule is on the website at Chloeting.com. If you are looking for recipes for diet meals, I have also launched a new section for this purpose to help you. And remember guys, you are not alone on this journey. Share your progress with the rest of the community via YouTube, Instagram or join our Discord server if you're looking for more support. And fast support for VS merchandise. I wear my clothes in combinations, and as you know, I love pastel colored combinations. So I also added a link to this product in the explanation, and come on, guys, click like, and let's get started! We have 14 exercises today. 30 seconds of exercises on and off for 5 to 10 seconds. Sit on the mat and we will start with the legs and scissors down. Raise your legs and chest slightly using your core abdominal muscles, then lower your legs slowly. Then, move your legs like scissors twice, then come back and repeat. Make sure your back is kept flat on the floor. If not If not, you will hurt your lower back. You can do a little crunch to help you with this exercise. To get a low impact, just don't lower your legs too low! Well, no rest here. Stay on your mat and our hip lifts and pulses, lift your hips using your lower abs,. Just raise them a little and do not raise them too much so that you do not swing your legs, slowly and controlled, and use your abdominal muscles instead of your arms to raise your hips up. Great job guys. 10 seconds of rest here. Prepare to get into a high plank position for some leg crossing to the left. Bring your left leg to your left elbow, as close to the level as possible, then pull to one side, then back to the left. . Then extend and repeat. Remember who you are and engage your abdominal muscles well. And to the other side. Keep going my dears, you are capable! You guys are fine! Now lay flat on the mat and krange from elbow to knee. Do a crunch as you bring your legs in, trying to touch your knee with your elbows. Then extend and repeat. Make sure your back is flat on the floor. Just 5 quick seconds of rest and we are going straight to the low boat in and out. Lift your shoulders off the ground, look forward and now move your legs in and out. Use your abdominal muscles for this. Keep practicing! And we have the reverse krang. Also, you can always do the low-impact version if you need to. Just don't give up! Bend your legs and now lift your hips off the floor and bring your knees towards your chest. Make sure you use your abdominal muscles rather than your back or arms. If this is too difficult, try a low-impact version. Just make a little movement to lift your hips up. Stay in the same position and have leg flaps. Do a slight crunch, using your abs, lift your shoulders off the floor, then flap your legs. Use your core abdominal muscles for this purpose. You should feel a burn in your abdominal muscles. Also please make sure your lower back is kept flat on the floor. For low impact, you can always rest your head on the floor and do not drop your leg too far down. We're halfway there, so don't stop now. Now flip yourself over and get into the high plank position and we have cross body climbers. Bring one leg to the opposite elbow, and do the same on the other side. Participate and work on your abdominal muscles as much as you can. Rest here! We'll go straight to plank with hops. Jump your legs in and then out into a high plank. this. And engage both your abdominal muscles and your lower muscles as well. For low impact, just bring one leg out like this, one at a time, and come back. Make sure your knees do not touch the ground. Just four more exercises. Keep going, you are capable! Now sit on your butt as we raise the legs like this. Bend your knees, then bring your legs to one side. Then to the other side like a rainbow. Engage your abdominal muscles. If you want to take a short break, it's okay and take it! Because you need to do this exercise well so as not to hurt your lower back. Without any rest here, we'll go straight to a single leg raise followed by an elbow touch. . Lift yourself up with a slightly crunge, and you're engaging your upper abs here the whole time. Then touch your knee or thigh using the opposite elbow. . This is more challenging than doing a bicycle crane, but you can do it! Make a slight bend in your knees if your hamstrings are tight. Ten seconds of rest here. Now we have two more exercises. Sit on your butt and have your legs raised and extended, . Bend one of your knees and keep your back straight. Now extend your other leg outward, then raise it up, lower it down, and come back in. Then repeat. . Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles here, and keep your back neutral. For low impact, just don't lift your leg. No rest here, we'll go straight to the side of the other. And let's finish this exercise! That's the drill, guys! Well done for completing these exercises! Thank you so much to @VSpink for sponsoring today's outfit! Click like, leave us comments and I will see you in the next exercise! Goodbye!

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