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Australia Travel Vlog | Brisbane & Gold Coast

foreign [Music] yes we are going on a trip so I'm going to Brisbane and I am leaving tonight the flight is actually tomorrow morning at six o'clock but I need to be there like two hours early so I need to be there at four that means I need to wake up at three or even earlier so that means I need to pack now foreign [Music] thank you [Music] hey guys so we finally made it to Brisbane in one piece and we are in a cafe called I forgot the name I forgot the name plan to fill Plainfield and we finally can enjoy our coffee after 4 00 am morning flights [Music] one two three nice to meet you here online guys look what I found Auckland Sky Tower [Music] so one two three nice to meet you here online [Music] [Music] emotionally I still need a break [Music] [Music] it's been a long day we are now here at Italian restaurant I'm ready for some pizza we've got the Caesar salad Hawaii pizza and spaghetti marinara foreign [Music] foreign [Music] lunch yet I am so starving [Music] it's actually not bad [Music] so I just went to the suit and saw Perla and the kangaroo they are super cute super soft and they let you fit them and take picture with them so I highly recommend that you guys come to visit foreign [Music] it was raining for the past few days and it's finally sunny today I haven't been into a theme park for like six or seven years so I am very excited to be on those rides and I think they have to wait for 120 Minutes for one roller coaster ride like it's like we almost wait for two hours for 10 seconds right but it's so worth it only the best foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] good morning guys today is the last day we're here in Brisbane so my flight is tonight at six o'clock so I'm gonna spend my last minute exploring the city here [Music] it's so cold [Music] foreign [Music] unfortunately my luggage is a little bit overweight because I just have one carry-on and I can't exit seven kg and now it's like 10.3 kg so I need to impact and relocate all the stuff I now live in Brisbane Brisbane airport looks a lot like Hong Kong airport like let me show you [Music] thank you [Music] I finally touched down to Oakland but it is now one o'clock in the morning so we haven't had dinner yet so we're getting McDonald's foreign ly made it back home it is now 2 30 in the morning oh my God I don't need to get some sleep and I'm ending the Vlog here thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys the next one bye [Music]

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