Avoid Yoga Butt

hey friends Kathy Madeo here back with another video this one all about yogabot now I am not talking about the way yoga may or may not make your butt look what I'm actually talking about is an injury that tends to happen a lot in yoga due to the excessive amount of forward folds but you don't even need to be a yoga practitioner for this injury to happen to you so if you've ever felt a kind of burning sensation just below the glute muscles at the top of the hamstring then I want you to watch this video and if you are a yoga practitioner or you tend to do a lot of stretching I definitely want you to watch this video so you can prevent yoga butt let's get started [Music] thank you yoga butt is actually referring to an injury called proximal hamstring tendinopathy an inflammation of the hamstring tendons where they attach at the sit bone it gets its name due to the amount of forward folds there are in yoga in relation to how many yoga poses actually strengthen the hamstrings this is why yoga practitioners can tend toward this injury the injury itself might feel like a slight burning or Tender sensation just underneath your glutes the good news is you can prevent yoga butt by basically just strengthening your hamstrings I'm going to show you my top four ways that I condition my body to strengthen my hamstring hamstring curls place your heels on an exercise ball and keep your hips lifted as you drive your heels in towards your hips and you can squeeze your glutes at the top as you do that these will really work to strengthen your hamstrings single leg Bridge lifts stay up on your heels for these and keep your knee is in the same line drop and lower your hips and then lift them up and again squeeze the glutes at the top in tabletop place a weight at the back of your knee keep your foot flexed and you'll lift and lower your knee slowly and mindfully and then you can do pulses after the last one deadlifts have your feet hips distance apart take a slight Bend in your knees keep your back nice and flat as you lower the weights down when you come up come up nice and slowly and engage your glutes at the top you can also shift your weight a little bit more onto those toe Mounds so you're taking it more in the hamstrings and lessen the glutes so for each of these exercises I would recommend doing somewhere between 10 to 20 reps in three sets and taking about a minute break in between sets I hope that this video was useful let me know in the comments if you've ever experienced something like yoga butt and I'll see you in the next video

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