BEST 15 min Beginner Workout for Fat Burning (NO JUMPING HIIT!!!)

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel. Today I am going to try a new hairstyle called Middle Part. Is it called middle part? Middle parting? Isn’t it called split? I thought split meant cheating? Today I am going to do a beginner's exercise for fifteen minutes without jumping. If you are just starting to exercise or keep fit, this exercise is very suitable for you. When I first started exercising, I didn't like to do exercises with complicated movements, because I didn't know how to do them. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right or not. So, the movements this time are very simple, very suitable for beginners, and there is no need to jump. The advantage of not jumping is that the chance of accidental injury is relatively low, and you can also concentrate on each step. As for the exercise, if you live with others or live in an apartment and don’t want to disturb the neighbors, this can also be regarded as a quiet aerobic exercise. The biggest advice I would give to people who are just starting to exercise is to take small steps. Fifteen minutes of exercise a day is enough. You just need to establish an exercise habit and take good care of your body. Don’t change too much or too fast. You also have to find a way of exercise that you like. If you don’t like your way of exercise, you will give up soon. I hope you will enjoy this exercise, if you are ready, let’s get started! Before you start exercising, remind yourself what your exercise goal is. Remind yourself why you are here. In the next 15 minutes, try your best to take a step in the direction of the goal. We use windmill movements to warm up and prepare the body to burn fat while standing. , the feet are a little wider than the shoulders, the toes are outward, the hands are stretched out to the left and right, the legs and back should be kept straight, the torso should be bent down using the abdominal muscles and lower back muscles, touch the left foot with the right hand, and then switch over with the left hand facing the sky. The left hand touches the right foot, and the right hand points to the sky. Looking at the sky, the hand will help drive and turn the shoulders well. The back should be kept parallel and the center should be stable. Do not turn too fast. Your breathing should be faster. Faster will have the effect of burning fat. Better yet, you guys are doing well, now prepare for the next squat punch, one of my favorite exercises, it’s great at burning fat! At the beginning, you need to do sumo squats, which means that your feet are a little wider than normal squats. Put your hands together in front of your chest and lower them into a squat position. Your chest should be straight. Look forward and look forward. Stop when your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. , punch to the right with your left hand, then punch to the left with your right hand, and then stand up. The harder you punch, the more calories you will burn. This will train your legs, abdominal muscles, arms, back, and shoulders. Don’t stop! The next step is to lie on the carpet and focus on training our abdominal muscles. Chronic crunches are really my favorite exercise for training abdominal muscles. I used to do it with my knees bent and my hands behind my head while inhaling and exhaling while using my abdominal muscles. Strengthen your muscles. Bend your upper body up slowly, stop for a moment, and then feel the pain in your abdominal muscles. Don't go too fast. In fact, the slower the better. The best effect of abdominal muscle training is to use your abdominal muscles throughout the movement. Don't relax. It's great. , you did a great job, I like this move very much every time. Next, we stay on the carpet to practice thigh ballet half kick. Lying on your side, your upper body rests on your right elbow, and your elbow is bent at 90 degrees. Your right leg is against the left thigh on the floor. Go skyward, bend your knees, and kick your left foot up each time. The harder you kick, the better the effect will be. After 22 seconds, change sides 3, 2, 1, change sides. The fifth action is to stand up again. It is another thing I often do to do inchworms. To do the whole-body exercise, start by standing with your hands touching the floor and then walk forward to the high stick position. The hands are under the shoulders. The center should be stable. The body should be straight and the hands should be walked back to the feet. This counts as one repetition of 45. Second, because we are using our arms, chest, back, and abdominal muscles, plus stretching, it is really an action that is good for the whole body. Don’t stop, keep going! One third of the action has been completed. Great! The sixth one is to lie down on an abdominal bicycle, leaning on your two elbows, with only your butt touching the floor. Use the power of your abdominal muscles to push the knee of one leg toward the chest, while straightening the other leg, and then returning the leg. There is a bicycle riding movement. I know your lower abdominal muscles and legs should be sore, but this means that we are burning fat. Don’t put the legs down. Continue to persevere and complete another seventh one, which is from high stick pose to downward dog pose. I will also practice it. When your whole body is in the high stick position at the beginning, press your arms to the floor and your shoulders without touching your ears. Let your butt come up to the body in an inverted V shape. This is your downward dog position. It is very simple to come down to the high stick position. The key point is to use your abdominal muscles to make your body become a straight line in the high stick pose, and then downward dog will train your arms and shoulders. Don’t give up. Your efforts will definitely be worth it when you are almost halfway through. Keep up the good work! The eighth exercise is to stand up again. This is called the front lunge. This will give your arms and abdominal muscles a little rest. Stand up straight with your hands on both sides of your waist. Put your shoulders back a little. Relax. Put your chin slightly upward. One leg first. Take a step forward and lower your waist until both knees are bent at about 90 degrees. The front knee should be above the ankle, not too far forward. The weight of the body should be on the heel. Then push yourself up to the starting position. This counts as one turn of left and right feet. 45 seconds is more than half of the exercise time. You have done a great job, don’t give up! To get back on the carpet, do the classic stick pose, which is simple but not easy. It is probably one of the most effective exercises. Put your elbows under your shoulders and bring your hands together (triangle). Legs, back, and neck should all be in a straight line. The secret this time is Use the power of the center of your body and suck in your belly button to maintain this position for 45 seconds. Of course it hurts, but can I accompany you in the pain? Come on, it’s almost done. You can exceed your expectations! Take a sip of water first and then stand up to prepare for the tenth exercise. Stand on the abdominal muscle bicycle and connect your fingers together behind your head. Use the strength of your abdominal muscles to bring your knees up and at the same time rotate your upper body. Your right elbow touches your left knee, and your left elbow touches your left knee. The right knee is counted once. Take turns for 45 seconds. This will train the abdominal muscles and the fat on both sides of the abdomen will be especially burned. Come on, there are only five movements left. The eleventh one is called leg drop. This is better than normal legs. Lifting is a bit simpler, and it is very suitable for those who have just started exercising. First, lie down, and then lift both legs up to vertical. First, use the strength of the abdominal muscles to lower the right leg until it almost touches the floor (but do not touch the floor). ) If your back begins to leave the floor and your legs no longer need to go down, after your right leg returns to a vertical position, switch to your left leg and take turns to go down for 45 seconds. Try to use all the strength of your abdominal muscles, and your back should be pressed against the floor. Come on, we have reached exercise time. Tails, don't give up. I believe you can complete this eleven. There are four more. The twelfth one is to raise the arms and legs. You need to practice the center and back. It will also help with balance and coordination of hands and feet. First lie on your stomach, hands and knees. Both are on the floor, with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your waist. Stretch your right hand forward and your left foot back to waist height. Use your center to maintain a good balance. Don’t go too fast. Take your time. The key is not to fall. It doesn’t matter if you fall, just get up and keep going, don’t give up! Well done, let's continue to have a wonderful ending, let's move on to the thirteenth action, Walking Burpee. I know we all hate Burpee, but I specially designed this simple version for you to do together. First squat down, hands Step your feet back one by one under your shoulders, bend your elbows at the same time until you lie down on the carpet, then push yourself up, move your feet to the position of your hands, and finally stand up straight. Is this okay for once? If it's too easy, you can speed up, and you can also jump once while standing. Because burpee is good at burning fat, I always add burpee in my own exercises. Come on, we are almost over! We have reached the fourteenth movement and there are only two left. Core kicking will make the lower abdominal muscles sore. At the beginning, lie on the carpet with your hands under your buttocks and raise your legs to 90 degrees. You need to slowly use scissor movements to lower your legs. It is almost there. The key point on the carpet is to use your abdominal muscles to control your legs so that they don't touch the floor when you come down and then come up to the starting position. There are less than two minutes left, so don't give up at the last minute! At the end of the exercise, patting your shoulders and patting your thighs will give you the last chance to burn fat all over your body. Use the high stick posture as a starting point. Use one hand to pat the other shoulder and the other hand to pat the other shoulder, and then repeat this action. Change to patting the thighs, first with one hand and then with the other hand, pat the shoulders, shoulders, thighs and thighs, that’s right! Remember, it’s not just hand training, but also abdominal muscle training. The center must be stable and the waist cannot swing from side to side. In the last movement, we don’t stop and we don’t give up. There are only a few seconds left. Come on, try your best until the end. Congratulations on your success with me. It is not easy to complete this exercise, especially if you have just started exercising and you have done well, you will gradually strengthen your abdominal muscles and back. Remember to stretch your legs and waist! If you need full-body stretching, you can watch my stretching video above. I hope you enjoyed today’s exercise. See you next time!

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