Best 4 Cafes You Must Go in Bangkok, Thailand ft. Coffee Expert @BrunaSilvaSaoBrazil

hi I'm Emmy I'm Bruna right now we're in Bangkok Bruno is a Brazilian who lives in Thailand for like 10 years and she speaks Thai and she's a coffee expert you could say that so today she's taking me to five Moscow cafes in Bangkok that are not only super instagramable but very good coffee I'm gonna take it to the dark side of the coffee like I normally don't drink coffee at all like I don't have a habit and so I thought if I'm gonna drink coffee I'm gonna do it with the expert follow us up but a bit worried I'm gonna be hooked [Music] [Music] if I come by myself or just assume like this hello [Music] [Applause] not today [Music] roast their own coffee local coffees yeah this is your first time it's like my my first coffee experience on YouTube and a lot of pressure on me and like sleeping problems and it doesn't affect you it's worth it so I have to schedule my deep copying tape I cannot have coffee after this past one pm we both not gonna sleep tonight yeah because today is gonna be a coffee hopping day so you won't because it's Friday it's Friday so I hope to die a really good Thai coffee has to have like nice caramel notes chocolatey and it has this like little orange hints sounds a bit fancy but it's not you're gonna drink her like where is it I would really like to have this washed person coffee so good actually so I should choose the one like Chiang Rai yeah or do you know right yeah I have been there okay so let's have a chicken actually I sell coffee from Chennai oh wow so I really recommend okay [Music] what do you think is like special about this place well it's special because every time I bring people here like are you gonna kidnap me so that's the coolest thing you know so the cool thing about Thailand is that you will find really cute coffee shops Instagram coffee shops with really good coffee which is very important I'm a coffee cream grater so that's I can say that this place is food so my first first coffee actually that's good okay that's not a fake um or like a chocolatey like I can you can yeah it's not just like it's not just bitter right yeah right I really like it you do she's right there's no turning back I always have the impression that coffee is really better but it is true a lot of the commercial coffees that you find very bitter because to save costs they have to like over roast it it's gonna be like super burnt coffee right and the varieties might not be as pleasant as this one so a lower grade of varieties doesn't have that many complexities it's not about the flavors but when you come to my world the specialty coffee world you start to like actually appreciate your moment like there's actually different layers it's kind of funny when you drink like a really good coffee how do you feel I feel like it's a warm hug in myself I love that that set my bar really high so let's go to a very fancy style coffee the reason why this coffee is expensive it's a variety called Geisha from Ethiopia so it's a variation of a coffee plant that's very hard to find cheers [Music] Wow Let's see it's like the layers the layers I don't even drink tea no I only drink water so I'm now going from like water to strip to like European and chicken goodbye dripping yes [Music] Monday morning [Music] just now we had the drip off yeah now we're gonna have the milk based coffee so let's have let's go for pickle latte and ice [Music] [Music] [Music] with alternative milk [Music] it's creamy but at the same time it doesn't take away the coffee flavor exactly Colombian coffee just been to Colombia isn't intentional that they didn't add any sugar especially coffee you don't need to add sugar because it naturally you already have so it's really good too so I just want to say that not every coffee will go well with ice but like if you put Ethiopia it'll be nice but you won't have like that body it's not gonna be like brown you're gonna have it's only the fruity notes but it's not gonna have that you know like a spot you can go wrong with my coffee I can't believe I converted somebody I can't believe I like coffee so if you guys come to Bangkok and want some good coffee and some nice photos these are the ones so crazy so now we are going to a third Cafe how are you feeling feeling amazing yes premium caffeine for the first time exclusive here all right this is called tangible eggs [Music] [Music] yeah so it's pretty much layer of oat milk very cold oatmeal and then a shot of espresso so that's sort of like a dessert kind of Pop oh it's so sweet I like it it's funny how like my first cups of coffee coffee is so born to me right I'm used to it now she's a full-on coffee lover now so let's try the next coffee it's called the limbo menu so refreshing with the what is that Apple yeah Peach [Music] we are our final Cafe so pretty it's called the ground of wallflower look at this [Music] don't you go take a night off and let yourself go a little crazy crazy [Music] cheers coffee of the day look at me I'm having a non-caffeine drinking you're gonna switch super refreshing oh my gosh so these are like cafes that Buna recommend us to go but like space it out don't do it like us all in one day doing moderation so thank you so much funa for bringing me to all these amazing Cafe and introducing me thank you for trusting me into coffee out our video on Bruno's Channel and I'm so happy to see Bruno again yeah after Dubai and we'll see each other again I'm sure like at Hong Kong or Brazil bring me to Brazil we might have a trip going to Brazil soon get some of the disaster listen to some life [Music] let go – Best 4 Cafes You Must Go in Bangkok, Thailand ft. Coffee Expert @BrunaSilvaSaoBrazil

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