Best Cardio Workout: Kickboxing

hey it's your girl Cynthia I'm here with ex hit and right now I am on trial to be one of the permanent hosts of X hit so if you like what you see make sure you leave a comment today we're going to go through boxing and one of the first things we're gonna start with is jumping rope one of the best exercises you could do for a total body workout now we're gonna go through for about two minutes first thing we're gonna do we're gonna jump with two feet okay then when I switch to one foot then the other foot and then high knees then we're gonna go into a more advanced move I'm going to cross it up so make sure when you come over and across you go wide okay you don't want the rope to hit you so it's you don't have a jump rope or you're not comfortable yet you can always just imagine that you have a jump rope okay you're still gonna get the great exercise and when you feel more comfortable then you can transfer over to real jump rope okay so let's get started 30 seconds now I love jump roping I do all day a little girl my grandfather taught me how to jump rope he was a boxer but hanboks a very long could be stuff some people with broken noses have messed up thanks and he was a little vain and he want to get his fists face messed up so he quick we got 10 more seconds but he still showed me how to do some snaps a little bit of fancy stuff I'm going to show you right now we're gonna go over to one foot is 3 2 1 very good all right let's keep it moving all right y'all you want to focus on good breathing you know after your mouth now my calf is burning already it's gonna get those nice safely calve muscles Center up on one leg one way to get up all right let's keep it go I'm gonna go for another 10 seconds whew like it's burning 5 4 3 2 1 very good let's change it up let's keep it going now why are we doing a boxing workout you have well you ever look at boxers they always have the best body so we're gonna take some of the things that they do simple rope is one of them and we're gonna implement it into our shell ten seconds and we chained it up and five four three two one okay fancy with it cross it up now this is a challenging MOOC if you can't do it right away that's fine takes a lot of coordination but always like anything else at life be persistent five four three two one all right let's go high knees let's finish out woof you don't he's up whoo halfway there ten more seconds and five four three two and one alright we're gonna go into quick feet we're gonna get rid of our jump rope okay gonna go into quick feet uppercuts can we go for 20 seconds really get those feet moving now yeah so that's slow and you get more comfortable gonna go a little faster five four three two one all right take a 10-second break I'm gonna keep it moving though staying in that boxer shuffle moving side to side get ready to go again three two one here we go quick still go faster those aren't moving focus I'm good breathing good almost there five four three two one whew how those legs feeling get a little burned on alright last time let's do it three two one let's knock them out you don't let me spell something let's go whoo keep it moving ten seconds come on fast hands fast feet five four three two and one all right now we're gonna go into burpees then go down hands to the floor speed out back in and jump have some modified version more advanced down two feet two feet in and jump okay ready let's do it one two three four make sure you keeping that butt down full extension out butt down hips up jumping pogchamp tes 8/10 halfway there who have a feeling out there halfway through the workout whoo almost there tor and 20 all right knocked out those burpees so now I'm gonna go into a one two three jab okay so start out slow we're gonna get the stints in the jabs correct so I'm a righty so I'm gonna go ahead and leave with my left foot this jab turn in pivot step jab all right make sure you're moving your feet so it's gonna be one two three one two three moving forward okay we're gonna go through quick make sure these are low explosive punches take in about 20 seconds then I'm going to switch stances and hit that other side okay all right ready here we go is what really explode with those punches and move forward ten seconds five four three two one okay will do low blocks a tough one between a little bit of active rest get ready to go hands the Rinka to one alright let's switch that stance yeah one two three one two three roses punches keeping those hands up always on guard keep that core engaged [Applause] five more seconds to l1 hey boxer shuffle keeping those arms nice and loose shoulders relaxed that's it the other side and three two and one here we go knock them out look like a bunch like sting like a bee you good dog seven said that three two one time's up Muhammad Ali a little bit of trivia he and I share the same birthday January 17 won't tell you to here though here we go three two one it's well a little puff it up give you some steam you get some momentum five seconds three two one all right I'm gonna go jab cross jab Duncan change stance I'm gonna slow it down so it's one two three deck same stance one two three duck Shane stant then do this for one minute you ready this is it let's do it ready and begin one two three Jason get yourself an imaginary target hit that same space over and over really get those hips down on the duck and always keep your core engaged hitting that same target halfway there they light on your feet keep your chin down low five seconds four three two and one all right no more active breast 15 seconds then I finish it off with an imaginary speed bag really gonna help you with your upper body strength particularly your shoulders I'm gonna hit that right side in three two one good dan land on your feet keep it moving keep your arms up hot remember these are seat bag that's all bag I'm gonna keep hands real quickly imagine the target yeah keep them almost high arms up high three two one and ask the rest right here 15 seconds finish up on your left side last now don't quit on me now go in three two one core tight arms up high look at that target snacking on ex little brother if he's bugging you keep pepopepa in the moment over almost there they light on your feet three two one okay that was our boxing workout for today if you like what you see make sure you subscribe to the channel and please please please if you liked what I did today make sure you leave a comment tell them how much you like trivia so the next time me and my friend Bob we're gonna be sparring but of course I'm gonna be the winner pow so thanks again for joining us here at exit I'm Cynthia have a good one

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