CASTLE – Alle Farben & HUGEL ft. FAST BOY / Fun Warm Up Routine I Pamela Reif

[Music] [Music] we could touch the sky and highlight [Music] my mama [Music] [Music] is [Music] on my mind [Music] mum [Music] thank you alifab for joining today's workout this one was on his brand new single castle castle which is out now so you can also find this one in my workout playlist thank you so much for joining and i heard that a lot of friends of his do my workouts but do you do my workout yes which one is your favorite i tried some of yours and 20 minutes full body workout the height or hit i'm called that was my favorite and he told me the one minute break in between is highly necessary so thank you so much in the future you can train to your own songs and i hope to see you sometime soon thank you um [Music] bye

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