Core & Arms Workout -10 min | Get Abs Challenge

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 2022 Get Abs Challenge. We have a 10-minute upper body workout today, and you don't need any equipment for today's workout. You can find the 18-day schedule on my website, which has tons of useful features, and it's all free. You're not in this journey alone, so do share your progress with the rest of the community on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok with my hashtags, so you can support one another. Smash that thumbs up button for me, leave me a comment down below, and share this workout with your friends, and let's get into it. We got 16 exercises in this upper body and core workout today. 30 seconds on, and 5 to 20 seconds of rest in-between. Get on your mat and let's start the workout with contralateral. Get into a low plank position, and now raise the alternate arm and leg at the same time. Brace your core and maintain your balance. Short five seconds rest, and we'll move on to shoulder tap jacks. Get into a high plank position. Brace your core, engage your glutes and quads, now tap your shoulders, and jump both legs out at the same time, and then back in, and repeat. 10 seconds rest now. Flip around, and we've got crab toe tap variations. Tap your knee with your elbow, and then tap your foot. Then repeat on the other side. Do it slow and controlled and maintain your balance. Short rest now, and we're going into a reverse plank tuck and lift. Get into a reverse plank position by placing your hands below your shoulders. Make sure you engage your core and quads as you lift yourself up from the mat. Now lift one leg up, and tuck it back in, and repeat on the other side. Rest up! Side plank variation is next. Place your elbow below your shoulders. Keep your body as straight as you can. Brace your core, and keep your legs straight, and now do some dips. Great work guys! Flip around, and let's work on the other side. If this is too hard for you, you can always do side planks on your knees. Just two more exercises and we'll have a longer rest, so keep pushing, guys. Lay flat on your belly and get ready for reverse angels. Draw a semi-circle with your hands. This is going to work your back. Short rest here and tricep dips is next. Lift yourself up using your triceps. Make sure you brace your core, too. Then lower yourself down slowly, working on those triceps. Great work, guys! We've got a 20 seconds rest here. You can pause the video here if you need a longer rest. Push-up variation is next. Get into a high plank position. Now do a regular push-up, then push your hips back like-so, and then back into a high plank, and repeat. You can do push-ups on your knees, if you find regular push-ups too difficult. Short rest, and we've got up and down planks. Get into a high plank, and lower yourself down into a low plank, and repeat. Make sure you have a good fitness mat to do this on. You don't want to hurt your elbows. Nice work, guys! Shoulder taps are next. Lift your hips off the mat and touch one elbow at a time. Keep pushing, guys! You can do it. Short rest and we've got windshield wipers. Draw a rainbow with your legs. Make sure you engage your core, and keep your back neutral. This is gonna work your abs. Get into a low plank position, and dolphin planks are next. While in a low plank position, lift your leg towards the ceiling, then back into a low plank, and repeat. Just three more exercises to go after this. Keep pushing, guys! Short rest now, and we've got tricep planks. Start in a high plank position, then lower both of your arms together into a low plank position. This is slightly different from up and down planks, as you're trying to lower both your arms up and down at the same time. It is more challenging, and I was also trying my best here. It will get easier over time. You're doing great, guys! We're almost there. Get on your belly, and we got Superman with extensions coming up. Lift both legs and arms up, and then pull your arms back, working the back. Just one more exercise to go after this. Now flip around and sit on the mat, and we've got in and out variation. Extend your legs out, then bring your legs out laterally, then back in, and repeat. Make sure you engage your core, and your is back straight, and let's finish this workout. That's the workout, guys! I hope you guys are enjoying this program. Smash that like button for me, and drop me a comment down below on how you went, and I'll see you guys in the next workout. Bye!

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