Daily Dance Workout to Burn Fat and Be Happy, Beginner Friendly !

Alright, the dance workout is done. Are you sweating? Let's do some stretching now Left leg bend knee, straighten your right leg, and hook the toes Press down your upper body and feel the stretching on the calf The harder you hook the toes and the lower you press upper body the stretch will feel stronger We mainly focus on stretching our calves So that we don't have to worry about the jumping will make the legs thick I have seen many of you asking whether jumping rope will make your legs thicker In fact, jumping rope can help to reduce whole body fat and improve leg shape But we have to do these few steps correctly Okay, switch to another side and stretch in the same way Let's continue to discuss about the precautions of jumping rope First is to protect our knee, especially for those who have larger weight This will require you to wear a pair of shoes that is suitable for jumping rope Its sole should have good elasticity and cushioning function to cushions the impact on our knees when jumping and landing Also, do not buckle our knee inwards when jumping rope facing it forward to the toes Otherwise, it will easily cause knee pain Alright, let's bend our right leg again in front and straighten left leg behind Stretch your calf on left leg with heel on the ground Next, stretch and use foam roller to massage the calve everytime after jumping to prevent the legs from getting thicker due to edema or congestion This step is very important, don't be lazy and skip it! Ok, switch to the other leg and follow the same way to stretch the calf Alright, switch the leg again Lean your upper body forward and put your hand on the ground Bend the front leg and straighten the back leg Feet on the ground to feel the stretch on the back of the calf We should stretch our calves like this whenever we finish exercising especially jumping rope, dancing, or running it can effectively prevent our legs from getting thicker Okay, switch to the other side and do the same to stretch the calf Bend the front leg and straighten the back leg with heel on the ground Feel the stretch on your back of the calf Alright, that's all for today's workout You can do it once or couple times a day plus a proper diet You will see the result within two weeks Keep going everyone! See you in the next video Bye bye

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