Day 13- 3 Exercises For Booty Burn (Get Lean Challenge)

hey guys and welcome to day 13. it's your second to last day i cannot believe we are nearly coming to an end so today we are focusing all on the glutes that's the booty i'm going to be showing you the exercises to target the entire glute muscle the side the top the lower and the midsection and i'm going to be showing you the best three exercises that i find to really help bring that muscle fatigue and exhaustion and to help make that butt nice and perky so what we're going to be doing is i'm going to explain the exercise too while we do them we're going to do 40 seconds on with a 20 second rest we're gonna do one side first then the other so in total it will be a six minute routine and if you guys want to repeat this again afterwards for a further burn totally more than welcome to do so so let's jump straight in okay guys so let's begin with our first workout which is going to be a diagonal kick so i'm just going to explain the moves to you so the first one is the diagonal kick so i'm doing it from front you'll see that my leg is kicking out to a diagonal so we're going to do that then the next one is going to be a donkey kick so you're going to bring it to the elbow and then you're going to kick it back and the second kick i want you to go higher and the final exercise i'm going to have to do it from this position again is going to be a rainbow where you literally just draw a circle so don't worry i'm going to be explaining as we go along so let me set the timer up and let's get going starting your tabata workout okay so remember the first exercise is going to be that diagonal kick so on all fours get that core contracted and you're going to keep the leg back into a diagonal now try not to move those hips where you go on to your supporting leg you want to make sure your hips are facing the floor the entire time and you just want to keep that leg up and down now it doesn't need to be a super high kick at all it just needs to be kicked when you know that you can feel it in those glute muscles so that might be literally coming to where i'm at you might be more flexible and that might be harder but just do what best for you okay so remember keep that leg up and down make sure to breathe rest back just work guys so remember the next move is going to be the crunch is where you're going to crunch in kick it back and then kick it again higher and then return again this is going to help yes target those obliques but it's going to really help to get into that glue you will really feel the burn on this so let's set up okay knee to elbow kick it back and then kick higher bring it in keep it back kick higher okay keep going it's almost like a swinging motion with the knee to the elbow and then you're kicking and then kicking higher trust me you should be feeling a burn in your glute muscles bad work guys keep going [Music] oh the burn excellent work keep that core contracted keep it engaged okay so for the final one you're going to be literally doing a rainbow kick so that is going to have your leg crossed over behind and you're just going to lift it up and down and then slide it to the back and repeat so this again is going to help to really target the entire glute muscle so you want to feel that burns to positions exercise lift it up down slide back to the beginning lift it up down slide make sure to keep those hips facing the floor i don't want you to twist your body like this i want it face down and round up down and round great work keep it going up down and round keep going excellent so now we're gonna repeat those three exercises again but on the other leg so the leg that was supporting you might be feeling a little bit of a burn but we're gonna power through that's what we do so i'm going to face this way so you guys can see the diagonal kick better as you can see it's going as if you're going towards the corner in the ceiling okay so kick it up and bring it down remember i'm not twisting my hips you don't see me doing this keeping my hips down to the floor i'm kicking it up and i'm bringing it down that's it use that cord to stabilize you like i said your leg doesn't need to go super high could literally go as high as mine it could be lower just get to a point where you know that's as high as you can go and you can feel it in your glutes you should be feeling it at the top section great work guys that's it okay so remember the next one we're going to be doing is we're going to be doing that fire hydrant knee to elbow kick it back and high okay so let's set the position let's get ready to burn it's gonna be fun all right let's get it going guys okay so like up to elbow straight back and then high kick elbow behind high kick that's it feel it in that glute muscle contract the core hips facing the bra this is such a challenge and you know if some of you are feeling really brave you can lift your hand apart that will really challenge you great work bonus right so now we're going to do those rainbow kicks so leg that you're going to be lifting cross over the opposite lift it up down and slide you got this the final one come on and repeat it again after because why not all right guys three seconds behind and lift it and slide lift and slide remember keep those hips facing the floor i want you to use your core to lift that leg down and then bring it round lift down and bring it round feel that booty working pull those muscles and round up down and round up down slide five seconds guys so guys that was the end of your three exercises to get you a nice boutique burn i hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did don't forget to like and subscribe to my youtube channel so i now want to hear from you which one of these three exercises did you think felt the biggest burn possible let me know in the comments section below and other than that guys i'll see you tomorrow for our final day [Music]

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