[Music] okay guys so for your warm-up you're going to be following along with me four exercises back to back so let's begin with some star jumps i want you to make sure your core is engaged you are lifting those arms above the head and you are moving those feet at a relatively nice pace not slow but not super fast make sure you're breathing [Music] great work let's move straight into running on the spot so again let's just start with a jogging pace going nice and relatively fast core nice and engaged breathing through each movement let's get those feet moving and those arms moving at the side [Music] great work the next move we're going into is a squat with a heel raise this is going to be working those thighs those glutes as well as those calf muscles so we need to come down into a squat position squeeze those glutes on the way up and come up on your heels that's it nice work guys up and down breathe through each movement exhale as you come up [Music] and then into the final move the circuit is going to be some nice ski jump so we're elevating that heart rate again getting those arms and those thighs moving blood pumping around the body so just a nice pace here not too slow not too fast remember this is a warm-up to do [Music] excellent job [Music] okay so we've got 30 seconds here in total we are just going to catch our breath and we're going to go into the same routine again for the warm up so facing me at the [Music] front right and let's go so arms up again caught engaged moving those feet in and out let's slightly pick up the pace and we just from the first round again let's elevate that heartbreak get the blood pumping oxygen around our body [Music] excellent straight into the running on the spot again make sure focusing on that core breathing through those movements lift those feet up let's make sure that we are lifting those toes off the floor and then moving those arms next to the side of our body great way you can move back and forth on the mat like i'm doing as well [Music] excellent straight into those squats with those heel raises to squat down come up onto the toes calm down and up remember we want to exhale as we come up squeeze the glutes keep the core engaged so we're warming up those bodies getting ready for our workouts of the day and if you guys also want you're totally welcome to do this as well as a workout you could repeat this two or three times and let's go on to those skill jumps so remember we don't want to twist the body we want those hips facing forward the entire time we want to move those arms behind us giving us momentum and jumping and making sure we've got a bend in those knees [Music] excellent so i just want you to breathe in and breathe out let's breathe in bring those arms up and breathe out let's come down all the way flat back and then drop those arms to the floor relaxing our bodies let's go over to the left stretch out those hamstrings move over to the left hand side there we go stretch those hamstrings then i want you to slowly roll yourself up squat down feel the stretch in those inner thighs and you are done guys

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