Do This Everyday To Lose Weight FAST! 30 Min BEGINNER NO JUMP STANDING Cardio Workout

Hello everyone, today we will do a stability exercise to burn fat for 30 minutes. It does not require a lot of space. It also does not require running or jumping. You do not have to worry about disturbing others. Every movement in it is simple to do. You will find the enthusiasm and energy to do it easily. It is suitable for beginners. It is a moderate-intensity exercise. It has a good effect on burning fat. This exercise works well whether you are young or old. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests this exercise. We should take 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise. It is recommended to repeat it at least every 5 days per week. It has also been recommended to do moderate-intensity exercise over a period of 30 minutes. It will also stimulate the secretion of endorphins, the “happiness hormone,” which enhances our happiness and mood. It also helps with self-discipline and perseverance in exercising. So, come on… let’s start exercising! Which will make ourselves progress for the better! Okay, let's first do a warm-up exercise. We put the feet as wide as possible. We push the sides right and left while rotating the arms forward. We do it about 15 times. Okay, let's change the direction. We change the direction of the arms back 15 times as well. After that, we make the right and left hands touch the ground. You can feel a stronger stretch. On your legs after that, we will do a butt kick to move the knees back…and try to get a heel kick in the buttocks to raise the knee high. The knees must be raised as high as possible. Keep your stomach tight. Let us focus and pay attention to breathing. Today in all our movements, we exhale during effort and inhale. While returning to the normal position, listen carefully to what I say.. Exhale during the effort. Inhale when you return to the starting position. It is the opposite of the method of breathing when we are not exercising. Well, the warm-up is done. Let us begin the first exercise, the lateral push and the arm movements. Pay attention and focus on opening the shoulders and straightening the back. Continue tightening. Abdominal and keep your arms moving and working Okay, let's take a break next, we're going to squat and heels feet apart a little wider than the shoulders toe and knee facing forward and the second and third toes should be aligned with the knee first squat down at the hip then bend the knee inhale at Squat and exhale when you return to standing position I know many of you are afraid of squatting but you wouldn't know how weak your thigh and leg muscles are if you don't squat How can such weak lower muscles maintain our good posture? So you should be squatting! If you're not able to do a deep squat, we can do a little flat exercise from the beginning. Keep doing that and you'll be fine. You don't have to worry about having thick legs. Self-weight squats don't grow a lot of muscle. Overall, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. We just have to squat firmly and correctly! Is your heart rate a little low now? So, here's a simpler exercise for you, which is the crab walk, to relax a little bit Remember to open your shoulder and keep your back straight Don't bend over the chest Okay, let's take a break Next, we're going to do a squat and hand exercise When reaching up, open the chest and keep the back straight Spread your legs as much as possible when bending Your body down Do it slowly and in place Okay, let's take a break Next up is still a relatively easy exercise, climbing up from a stand to take the pressure off the squat The heels should be lifted off the ground as much as possible When lifting, feel the stretch in the feet and legs Keep your upper body straight, don't bend over Chest At the same time, we can also do a movement that can improve body posture Hold your hand like this at the waist and push your palm inward Move the elbow back as much as possible and exert force to bring the shoulder blades closer together so that the shoulder is open and the back is straight Okay, this exercise is completed We will now By bending the knee during the lateral movement, which is also a relatively easy exercise. Keep your arms straight. You should always tighten your abdomen and hips to exert force in the exercise. And here we are, we have completed half of the exercise today. Great job everyone, keep going! Well, this exercise has been done. Let's rest for a while Next, we will do the forward kicks and high knee exercises Exhale while raising your knee and kick your leg forward At the same time, the abdomen is tightened and force is exerted The knees are raised as high as possible Keep your leg straight and your back straight when kicking forward Do not bend your back Okay, it's done From this exercise, let's take a break. After that, we will do a fun exercise. You can imagine that there is a rope raised off the ground. We have to skip this rope back and forth like this, and we repeat it. Remember to engage your stomach to jump higher and you must also land gently. In this way, the slimming effect will be better and we will protect We rode at the same time. Okay, this exercise is completed. Is this a 50-second jump that got everyone's heart rate up? Let's take a break and do the arm and leg rotation exercise in a ring with the other fixed. Keep your arms straight and strong, and your legs straight and your toes out. Try to draw a larger circle. We exhale when the leg moves outward and inhale when we return to the starting position. When the foot rotates outward, the abdomen must be tightened to maintain Stabilize the body Okay, move to the other side and repeat. Keep your arms and legs straight, and point your toes when you draw a circle. Draw the circle as large as possible. Exhale when the leg moves out and inhale when you return to the starting position. Keep your abdomen, hips, and legs tight. Great job. Everyone! We will do it slowly, no need to rush. It is important to do the movement correctly. Let's keep at it! Okay, let's take a break. We'll do another set of squats, but don't be afraid, we can slowly sit down, squat down, and stand up.

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