Do This to Get Abs & Slim Waist (15-20 days) 10 min Ab + Belly Workout ft. Mongabong

Oh hi I'm Emily so right now I am in Singapore and I was so excited to be filming and half without for you guys at this time we are doing it together with Singapore years of birth mom thank you for having me and thank you for coming to do this at work out with us so mom she is a beauty and she just told me that she's going on a buffalo chicken yeah because I have it every single thing in the past me this is just my way of trying to push myself I guess no pain no gain so we have to suffer a little bit so that we can work on those apps so there's maybe a 10 minutes at work out so tentacle sizes each exercise forty seconds with 20 seconds fresh in between definitely manageable and also for this collab we also did this net change challenge on my channel yes I try Singaporean site and one try Hong Kong yeah mom are you ready not really today's at workout is going to be intense you're going to feel the best burn in the belly area let's work it for the sexy appliance and slim waist first exercise is at wing flap back flat on the ground crunch you're apt to lift your shoulder blades off the floor curling up towards your knees pulse your arms up and down by your sides [Music] squeeze your app as much as possible throughout the whole exercise so we can activate the app to let the burn begin [Music] [Music] second exercise is prayer crunch [Music] [Music] slow and controlled squeeze your abs to curl up like a shrimp reaching your hands as high as possible pause at the top to intensify the burn before coming down to find out know where to look and you get a clue you and your baby pizza remember the goals you wrote down for yourself this year every rep here it gets us closer to those goals work it what's the story behind that's do you try and hide think of her it [Music] third exercise a single lick raised to take the burn to the next level [Music] you don't [Music] full flicks off the ground with your lower apps you bring one leg up to the sky lower it down like keeping both legs off the floor then lift the other leg up [Music] this is tough I know we're also feeling it 100% but no pain no gain push it through [Music] fourth is like race hold [Music] work your abs to lift your legs off the ground keeping them straight and just hold them here make sure your back is flat on the floor and not arching up I want you if you feel like your back is coming up then lift your legs higher and crunch your abs harder to press your back down almost there guys you can do it [Music] the words [Music] sir–the is reverse crunch more burn for the lower abs giving the stop and lower belly fat a good burn [Music] exercise crunch your apps will lift your hip up and every rep you will soon feel an intense burn in your belly good job keep it going [Music] there's a bunch of us [Music] only a couple more seconds to go let's get in the last few reps [Music] you [Music] halfway to six is like extension to three points words [Music] that elbows on the ground extend your legs towards the right then Center left back to Center and right when you feel like giving up visualize your goals and your dreams we want to get there we gotta put in the work trust me your body is way stronger than you think challenge yourself [Music] [Applause] Stephan's is playing step [Music] [Music] arms in triangle base hold your core tight so your body is in one straight line keep your foot down walk your feet to the side one by one [Music] be mindful of your hip if it's coming up lower it down again to one straight line with your torso squeeze your abs as tight as you can to hold the plank so we're getting the maximum results you're doing amazing only three more to go eight it's low mountain climber this is your big and [Music] there's the in high plank position slowly bring your knee forward to your opposite elbow as you crunch your abs opt in this side [Music] the slower we do it the more burn in the apps we get keep breathing keep climbing do this for yourself for your goals for what you want to achieve in your life no one can take this away from you [Music] two finer exercises nice a side plank with dip [Music] get into elbows side plank working your oblique to lift your body up then lower your hip and bring it back [Music] this gives even more grown to the site apps than regular side plank it's the most of Akko one in this workout because we're always saving the best for last keep the pain even when you think you can't do it anymore let your body prove to you that you can [Music] 10th is the same exercise but on the other side [Music] this is burning the stubborn side belly area and giving us the slim waist that we want so this is not the time to slack or quit give it your all and you will see results I promise [Music] you and your beat-up guitar always seem to move me like suits just a few more wraps push it what's the story behind that [Music] [Applause] make sure you also check our YouTube and Instagram link in the description box below – Do This to Get Abs & Slim Waist (15-20 days) 10 min Ab + Belly Workout ft. Mongabong

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