Fun Full Body Workout – Standing No Planks | Weight Loss Challenge 2023

Hello everyone, today we have 10 minutes of intense exercises for the abdominal muscles. Most of you were asking about a new exercise video. I think it has been 9 months since the last video, and come on, this video is definitely more difficult than the previous exercise, but you can always do low-impact movements if you need, just… Do it slow, and let's get started! Just before you start, get up and empty your bladder, because you will be tightening and contracting your abdominal muscles all the time well, and accidents may happen like that, as you know 🙂 Just so we are reassured about things, the first exercise is the Body Climbers chair, this is an extreme sport. In order to raise the heart rate and make good contractions of the abdominal muscles, especially the lower abdominal muscles, bring one leg each time, but cross it to the inverted side so that your elbow connects to the inverted knee. Try to engage your core muscles in the abdomen, and do the movement quickly, and then we have krangs. Place your hands on your hips, then do the krang movement to the point where your hands touch your knees. Lower your body slowly, then try so that your head does not touch the ground while doing the movement. Once again, try to engage and contract the core muscles in the abdomen all the time. This is very important. The next movement, we have a plank with ups and downs, this is a really wonderful movement! Don't forget to engage and contract the abdominal muscles all the time, and this movement also helps build strength in the upper part of the body, so this movement is very wonderful! And we have a reverse crunch. I really like this move. Different types of crunches exist, but we do the move this way today. So, press the upper part with your abdominal muscles, and lift your hips off the ground. This works well on my lower abdominal muscles. Don't swing your legs too much and keep them stable if you are able. We have a plank movement with jumps after a different type of plank movement, so plank exercises are very great for your abs and yes, this is why I like to incorporate planks into my own workouts, rest assured. Because you are engaging your abdominal muscles all the time, and we have the crane sit movement, hold your upper body back a little, as if it were a C-shape. Therefore, staying in this shape forces you to engage your abdominal muscles all the time through your fingers and try to keep your elbows straight and bring the legs between Your hands: Keep your legs above the ground at all times, and this movement is very deadly. If you are able to perform this exercise, you can keep your hands on the side, and this is a little easier. And we have a crang with a leg drop. Start by extending your hands behind your head and extending your legs. Then do a crank movement and while performing the movement, raise your legs at the same time and lower your legs slowly and try to keep your legs above the ground the entire time. Do not let them touch the floor, and if the movement is very difficult, you can rest your legs on the floor for a short time and we have the plank. Try to share your abdominal muscles and your buttocks. Do not rub your buttocks up or down and try to enjoy the movement. Share your abdominal muscles and we have touches. heel. This is a good exercise for the oblique muscle. Of course, I was not positioned while exercising, and I beg your pardon for this reason. The last exercise is a plank with a hip roll. This is my favorite exercise. I saved it for the final movement. Make sure to engage and contract your abdominal muscles at all times for 3 seconds, and this is the exercise! Congratulations to everyone! You can do this video after HIIT exercises or upper body exercises, or you can do these exercises with my other exercises. Please, like and subscribe if you like this video, and thank you very much for watching, my friends! And I'll see you in the next video, bye!

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