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GET ABS + LOSE WEIGHT IN 15 DAYS | New Year Challenge ~ Emi

happy new year i hope you're all feeling refreshed and ready for a brand new beginning it's been a crazy year and no one knows how this year is going to turn out it's completely out of our control but what we can do is to work on ourselves and be the best versions we can be so we're starting this year with a new 15 day challenge for flat belly sexy apps and small waves you can download the whole program in the description box below including all the weka videos for each day today is fat burning cardio with abs workout to kick start the challenge and if you're ready let's go each exercise is 45 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between there will be no repetitive exercises so give your best in each one first is mountain climber [Music] exercise let's start strong each rep powerful you're looking badass challenge yourself [Music] set your goals for this year there's no limit to what you can achieve as long as you stay determined and you're willing to put in the work speed it up get it [Music] second is late race how much [Applause] exercise hands below your hip both legs off the ground work your lower abs to raise one leg at a time towards the sky [Music] [Applause] tighten your core to press your belly and back towards the ground [Music] [Applause] [Music] it's all in the mind hang in there [Music] third is that bug [Music] exercise arms and legs pointing towards the sky lower opposite arm and leg down to a few inches off the floor alternate sides feel the burn building up in your lower abs keep working it rest fourth behold exercise only our hip is on the floor core tight keep punching the abs you can lean your torso backwards for more burn and to increase the difficulty most people quit when it feels tough the ones who succeed are the ones who push through the uncomfortable and keep going only 10 more seconds fifth we're standing back up for high knee exercise punch your abs and drive your knees up high for every rep get the cardio in for the maximum fat burn make it count almost there push for a few more reps sixth is ankle reach exercise squeeze and crunch your abs to lift your upper torso and reach your arms to touch your ankle keep your neck neutral remember we're using our abs here for every lift not our neck [Music] seventh is plank hip dip [Music] exercise head to heel in one straight line zip your hip to each side close to the floor work your abs to lift it back to [Music] center [Music] hold tight suck in your belly throughout the whole exercise [Music] yes we're halfway through eighth is reverse crunch [Music] exercise crunch your abs to lift your hip off the ground legs up towards the sky lower your hip down and legs a few inches off the floor we're not dropping our legs to the ground until the timer ends we can do this you're killing it [Music] [Music] ninth is pike jump [Music] exercise suck in your belly and squeeze the abs to jump your feet and towards your hands core tight and jump your feet back out [Music] if it's easy anyone can do it we're not settling for mediocrity we're going to excel and succeed push it [Music] tenth we can lie back down for heel touch exercise squeeze your side abs to touch your ankle at each side [Music] [Music] dress eleventh butterfly setup [Music] exercise hands tapping the floor above your head then crunch your abs to lift your whole torso up reach your arms to touch the ground in front of your feet this is one of my favorite favorite go-to abs exercises because it burns so good you will feel it even more tomorrow give me a few more reps go for the intense aspirin [Music] last three exercises twelfth as full hold [Music] [Applause] exercise arms and legs up in full shape suck in your belly and press your back towards the floor hold it she's from another world no pain no gain we have come so far already aim for the finish line [Music] [Applause] [Music] final two exercises stand up for floor therapy [Music] exercise jump your feet back and get down all the way to the floor jump your feet towards your hands then jump up towards the sky explosively and clap above your head go as fast as you can there's no more jumping after this so push your limits effort is a choice it's your choice give it your 100 percent [Music] last exercise of this workout for the ultimate abs burn be up exercise punch your abs hard to lift your torso and legs up touch your ankles and get back [Music] [Applause] [Music] it's down we're struggling but this is how we grow and make progress towards our goals believe in yourself and what your body can do last few reps [Music] you did it thank you for starting this challenge with me we're absolutely going to smash it because nothing is stopping us from our goals strong mind strong body we can do anything we put our mind into stretch and drink plenty of water and i'll see you again very soon – GET ABS + LOSE WEIGHT IN 15 DAYS | New Year Challenge ~ Emi

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