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this is a happy workout that is going to cheer you up even if you're having a bad day this will burn out your frustration and let go of any negative emotions and to motivate you to push through the challenges so you can take this win with you to get through the rest of your day i guarantee that you're going to feel accomplished with a sense of achievement and happiness after this workout and if you're ready let's go 20 minutes in total 40 seconds each 10 seconds rest in between first exercise is job in place [Music] exercise whatever trouble and challenges you're having in your life right now take this time to focus on yourself and your body let the exercises burn off the calories and the negative emotions you're holding inside you let them go [Music] go faster we're off to a stronger second exercise is walk your hands forward until your body is in one straight line hold your core tight tap your opposite shoulders followed by jumping your feet apart walk your hands back to your feet to complete one breath turn the negative into positive every effort you put in now gets you closer to a better version of yourself [Music] rest third is lunch cake [Music] exercise lunge left leg back into 90 degree angle arms reaching up then kick your left leg to the front as you stand up and swing your arms down kick out all the frustration anger sadness anxiety you got this rest fourth switch side exercise strong and powerful cakes we're not here just like we're here to get this win for ourselves [Music] is it just is nothing more [Music] exercise jump high jump twist your torso to face opposite side in every rep [Music] think of one thing in your life that you're grateful for for me it's even the fact that we're alive right now and we can work out that our bodies are capable of achieving amazing goals [Music] rest for 20 seconds and we'll go again last round of these five exercises we got our practice already so this time we're going to do them stronger and better stick back to job in place exercise your effort your body your decision to start this workout today all these things are worth celebrating for [Music] i try to turn away [Music] rest seventh inchworm tap [Music] exercise strong and in control tighten your abs try not to swing your hip from side to side or have it too high up head to toe in one straight line [Music] eighth lunch cake you're killing this workout keep up the good energy [Music] [Music] oh rest ninth switch leg [Music] exercise [Music] is [Music] tenth side twist jump [Music] exercise push it we'll get 20 seconds rest after this [Music] sure 15 seconds left give your 100 let's get it done [Music] halfway through enjoy your 20 seconds rest and we'll move on to the new set of exercises we're getting down to the floor for lick bike [Music] exercise elbows on the ground crunch your abs and belly one leg bend one leg extend straight and biking motion [Music] work those abs only ten more seconds hang in there [Music] toth is climber tap [Music] in high plank suck in your belly tap opposite foot with your arm and alternate sides [Music] keep your balance make it burns [Music] deprived 13th is crunch exercise crunch your abs and curl up like a shrimp one section at a time feel the burn beating up in your belly [Music] 14th butt cake you got me sleep deprived exercise kick your feet back increase the intensity to challenge yourself [Music] if you feel like it add a smile onto your face make every moment count [Music] fifteenth is cross squat jumping over those squat down until thighs are parallel to the ground punch your fist out to the front then jump up with legs crossed [Music] effort is your choice no pain no gain 20 seconds of rest after this so push through the burn rest rest for 20 seconds and get ready for the final round this is it bring out all you got leg [Music] bites exercise stuck in the storm stuck in the story 17 climber tap exercise this is challenging but it's what we're here for keep trying and testing the limits of your body and you'll achieve things that you never even imagined possible before [Music] [Applause] ten more seconds push for a few more reps 18th crunch [Music] exercise mind body connection really focus on working your abs for every rep [Music] dress 19th butt cake [Applause] exercise let's go we're very very close to the end you did so much already keep it up we're unstoppable [Music] final exercise of this workout cross squat [Music] jump many things in life might feel out of your control but this right now is within your control how much effort you're going to put into this workout determines your progress you get what you give [Music] final 15 seconds push it don't think about anything else we're here in this moment get those last few reps [Music] and we're done celebrate your hard work and determination to get this workout done you're amazing and i hope this workout not just give you a good burn but also great energy and motivation that you can bring to other parts of your life and i'll see you again very soon

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