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hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel so today I thought it'd be a really good chance for me to sit down and also show you guys how to properly do a crunch I realized that I was getting lots of comments asking me you know what's the proper way to do a crunch or what did I mean when I said suck the navel in why was your neck curse it so I just thought this is the perfect chance so in this video today I'm going to show you how to properly engage your core and also show you how to do a crunch so guys before we do jump into this video I just want to let everyone know that of course if you watch my video I am currently pregnant now I am 13 weeks pregnant so my doctor said I'm still okay to lay on my back and do some crunch exercises I'm sure if you guys notice in the 30 day challenge about halfway through you know I looked a bit more bloated my stomach didn't look as defined and that was because obviously I'm pregnant so I'm not going to look how I did and of course I'm trying to slow down the up exercises because I've only really got a few more days to continue to do this so this is why I really wanted to film this video for you all so hope you guys are excited for this let's jump straight in okay so we're going to start by coming on the floor and I'm going to demonstrate what I mean with the breathing techniques and you don't have to engage the core correctly so when you guys do a crunch you want to come back nice and slowly on your back now the one thing that you need to make sure that you're doing is you're not just jerking your neck because when you do this you can feel that you're actually only engaging your core slightly but you're not getting into the deep muscles with what I'm saying so when you do a crunch what you want to do is when you're in this position you want your hands behind your head you want to squeeze your abs together so you want to contract them you want to breathe in and as you exhale you want to crunch that stomach in more breathe out and then coming again so let me show you that again so breathe in so as you can see when I'm saying suck the navel into the spine when you're in this position in the crunch and you're exhaling out you're contracting and you're sucking in so you're almost trying to pull your belly button to your spine that's essentially what we're doing so let's repeat this again so breathe in so you should feel that's a much deeper connection what you want to do is if you find it a lot easier to breathe heavy and make sure that you've really got that my muscle connection just do it so let's try that one more time so we're going to breathe in we're going to contract we're going to come up and we're going to push our breath out and we're going to suck that belly towards our spine so let's do that now so now that's just showing you a simple crunch to do in a normal position but what happens if we're so doing you know a single neck crunch the same philosophy applies guys so you want to breathe in so you'll definitely notice that when you are doing these contractions and the breathing techniques along with that you will feel a much deeper connection and you'll definitely feel that your abs are tightening and you should definitely be able to see that so my advice is just to give this a few glows I've got a roll up here because of a baby just give that a few practices yourself and if it's hate you a little bit longer to do reps don't worry about it as I always say it's always about the quality over the quantity so I really hope this has helped you guys so guys I hope this video it really did help you all show you how to contract your course and you can do your crunches properly remember it's not about pulling on the neck because that is how you're going to have strains in your neck area it's all about the breathing techniques sucking the stomach in and really holding those contractions that will make the difference of course as you guys know I am pregnant so my stomach's not super flat for me to demonstrate this but I really hope that you've been able to see the purpose of how to do a crunch properly of course if there are any questions please leave them below I will always try and answer them and of course I do read your comments and try and bring you the content that you are looking for but if you found this video super helpful then please don't forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel and also give this a big thumbs up because it really does help now let me know also in the comments guys did you feel a difference when you practice the crunch is how I just said let me know down below so I can read them and also guys if you do want to know the best diet and training program for you then don't forget to check out the quiz in the description box below [Music]

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