50 Facts about Me (Job, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Tattoos, Cameras)

Hello everyone, welcome to Stay Fit and Travel, my name is Emi. I have been sharing my exercise videos on this channel recently. This time I want to take advantage of the fact that I can take advantage of the fact that I am traveling with Chad and take a video about myself. The video of the incident comes to Morocco, Portugal and Ireland this time! So you can use this to get to know me better. If you think these things about me are not interesting or boring, you can look at the different scenery behind. This is the first one. My name is Emi but my full name is Emily and my Chinese name is wong. lok Ting 2- I was born in Toronto, Canada and I grew up in Hong Kong. My mother took me back to Hong Kong when I was a baby. In fact, I rarely go back to Canada. I only went back once. The other times were in Hong Kong. 3- About language me Can speak… 3- Regarding languages, I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. But Cantonese is my mother tongue and I speak it much better than English. Because I went to a local school in Hong Kong, my English was not very good until 14 or 15 years old? Then I started watching a lot of American TV shows. This is how I improved my English. But it was still difficult for me to just say it without thinking through my head. That's why I needed script 4 when I was making the film – my height and weight, I'm 164cm tall and my weight is 110lbs5-A lot of people ask me how old I am, I'm 25 now and will be 26 in January 6-I'm from the Department of International Business Management at the University of Hong Kong, which is where I met Chad7- How we met. so pretty much everyone knows this is my boyfriend Chad actually we have two versions of how we met chad will say his version first we met in college when she was a freshman and I was a sophomore and she totally I don’t remember that we met. When you were a freshman, you just said hello to everyone, so I don’t remember meeting anyone at all. Anyway, I remember that he had graduated 2 years later and we met again in Lan Kwai Fong, where Hong Kong people’s party street and we would go out together. As you know, I used to go out and party and drink a lot. That’s how we met. Basically we would go out and party together every week with some mutual friends. That’s how we started. Change…. Seriously 8-A lot of people are asking about Chad's ethnicity because he doesn't look exactly Chinese. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, but my dad is British and my mom is Hong Kong. If anyone has any questions, I am an orthodox Chinese 9-It is my job, I now work at Lululemon, which is a Canadian sports brand company, and I am responsible for the social networking website in Hong Kong 10-You know Lululemon, they are the most popular yoga clothes, and there are many Yogis work in our company but I personally don’t do yoga, I tried it a few times but it really doesn’t suit me 11- Water, I drink lots and lots of water, I always carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go Feeling thirsty but water is good for you, I think it's very important to stay hydrated whether I'm in a restaurant or at a bar I always order water because it's the cheapest and has no sugar. It's just the best. I never drink coffee in my life (nor do I) This is the same point we found the same when we first met! Some people know that my life used to be a bit crazy, partying a lot, and drinking a lot of wine. But two years ago I completely changed. Now I only drink these two, juice and water! 14 Maybe some of you have seen my other videos or my IG. You have heard that I used to suffer from bulimia. This disease made me vomit all my dinner because I was afraid of getting fat. I became very afraid of food and over-eating. After exercising for a while, I am now fully recovered. My approach is that exercise allows me to eat, and I will not prohibit anything when traveling! 16 Although I can talk so much now, I was very quiet when I was a child. In fact, my parents thought there was something wrong with me. I couldn’t speak if there were strangers around me before, but it became like this when I grew up! ! 17. I'm still getting used to being a youtuber. Now I still need to write a script before I can record it. Because English is not my native language, I can't express my thoughts directly. Usually when I sit down and record a video like this, I have to take eight to ten frames. Successfully recorded a few sentences 18 We first started shooting videos with this Sony A6000. My first video, Weight Loss Diary, was shot with this camera. Later we decided to buy a more professional camera, so we bought the Canon 80D I was shooting on. Let me show you the Canon 80D we bought. Most of our videos, whether they are sports or just talking videos, are shot with the Canon 80D. But if we want to go out and don’t want to bring such a heavy camera, we will still use our Sony. For photos, I also use Canon on a tripod. Sony’s lens is wider, so when we want to take panoramic shots, we often use Sony. If we are too lazy to use a big stage, we will also use mobile phones. 19 I have a brother who is two years younger than me. He lives in In Canada, we don’t often see him. He has big muscles and is good at lifting weights. 20 I loved reading when I was a child, so my original dream was to work in a library! 21 Most of the TV programs I like to watch are reality shows. Don’t laugh at me! I like watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. I also like The Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Real World. My favorite show is The Challenge, which is a show from Real World. I wonder if anyone is also a fan of this show? What I like are not reality shows, such as OC Gossip Girl Sex and the City Downton Abbey. Well, most of them are shows that girls like! 22 I’m not very good at watching movies. I don’t even know the latest popular movies because I’m easily afraid of violent scenes, including cartoons. Whenever fat people appear in cartoons, I’ll be very nervous. I’m not very good at watching movies, but this place is where many of Chad’s favorite movies are shot. Places include Warriors, Game of Thrones, and more. . . But I haven’t seen any of them, so I really don’t know! 23 I am very afraid of blood, and I am also afraid of violent scenes, including paper cuts, or if I see people holding scissors in a movie, even though it may be a drama, I will still be afraid! 24 Compared to Chad, I am more casual and am used to throwing things away! Chad likes to keep things neat and clean. She even messed up our hotel room. Let me show you! These are all my things, and they are scattered everywhere. . . This corner is also full of my things. Basically, the only things I have are…these! 25 I have four tattoos, the first one says pura vida, the second one is on my foot with feathers, the third one says determination (persistence), the fourth one is here ‘mind over matter', I got it in Korea 26 I am very I like food with cheese in it, Mexican pies, tortillas, pasta gratin, French fries with cheese, etc. 27 Just like the Chinese children in Tarsus, I learned piano from elementary school and learned Grade 8, which is I almost became a teacher. The problem is that I hated learning piano. After I passed Grade 8 in those years, I told my mother that I wanted to sell the piano and didn’t want to touch this instrument anymore. 28 I was living in Hong Kong with my parents and our dog. Living together 29 I used to be so afraid of dogs that I would run away when I saw a dog. About 4 or 5 years ago, our family started raising dogs (our dogs barked, which completely changed me, I love dogs very much now! 30 I like it very much) Write down what you have to do every day, and also like to write down your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals in the diary. You must use writing. I can’t use a computer or mobile phone to write. 31 I am learning makeup skills this time. Before traveling, I only used eyeliner and foundation. From this trip onwards, I used eyeshadow. It takes a lot of time and I have to learn slowly. 32 I usually wear brown contact lenses every day. Otherwise, I just wear glasses when I go to work. I know this kind of contact lenses. Glasses are not good for my eyes, but I established this habit when I was in college, so that my eyes will look better. 33 Regarding clothes, I always buy very cheap clothes. Some people on IG are asking me where I bought the dress I wore yesterday or other things. To be honest, the clothes in the photo were bought at roadside stalls all over the world! This one is from Vietnam! The dress I wore yesterday was bought at a roadside stall in Italy. In fact, I rarely buy clothes that cost more than USD34. Before I met Chad, I didn't like massages. I said this because we are now in a resort with a spa. I like it now. 35 I am not the most positive person in the world. I am still adjusting myself. For example, I was going to the desert today, but there was a sandstorm and rain, which made me sad. I am very happy because I am a positive person. Trying to make me happy… He uses this method36. I will always have phototherapy on my nails every day for a whole year. I know it is not good for my nails, but I can't change it. No matter how busy I am, even when traveling, I still use a facial mask every day. I use it for about 15-20 minutes. The brands I use are from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, and they are all very cheap, so I don’t have to spend a lot of money. I love summer, but I don’t really like winter now. It should be summer in Portugal, it’s July, I don’t know why the weather is so cold! 39 I love the seaside and water sports. I don’t like winter sports, such as skiing. We once went to Korea for snowboarding, and I just wanted to do it every day. Time can go too fast, it’s not fun for me. I love snowboarding and want to play together more, but she doesn’t like it. I also love the beach and water sports, but I also like snowboarding. Vacationing at the beach is the best! No, snowboarding is the best! 40 When we first started dating, we often quarreled. Now we are better. Most of the reason is that I was not considerate enough. I am better now and he has become better. When we have conflicts, it usually gets over after a few minutes. We don’t tend to stay away from each other for a few days. The kind of cold war that will happen is rarely possible once every six months. 41 The two of us don’t want to have children now. Many people have told us that this idea may change in the future. At least children are not in our plans now. We like our dogs and we want 5 dogs. I want 3 red poodles and 2 big dogs 42 My favorite class in school is math. I used to do math homework for fun during breaks 43 Whether I am getting ready to go out, working, or riding in the car, I like listening to music the most. ! I like to use Spotify and a program called Hi Machines to listen to music. I really like the cool and relaxing music style in Hi Machines. 44 I haven’t cut my hair short since I was a child. Short hair doesn’t suit me. I probably won’t cut my hair short in this life. 45 I have lived in Hong Kong since I was a child. I have never lived abroad for a long time. Only two years ago, I went to work in South Korea for three months and then Spain for two months. When I was in high school, I went to Mexico as an exchange student for half a year. I also went to Disneyland in Florida for an internship for two months. 46 I learned ballet when I was 4 or 5 years old, but I only studied for a week. The reason why I gave up was because I was not chosen to be Snow White. What if they asked me to play a dwarf? Dwarfs! I gave up 47 because I didn't like it. I'm really bad at driving, so I'll do it forever. I'm the only one who can drive here. I got my driver's license, but it took me three times to pass. I got 1st and 2nd. I failed every time. Very few people in Hong Kong would wait until the third time to pass the exam. My skills are really not good. No problem, I’m great at driving! Once while driving in Santorini, Greece, Chad was screaming 48 My high school uniform was a cheongsam, a traditional Chinese dress. Let me show you the photo. 49 I don’t like physical contact. I don’t like hugs, or people like this. I feel a little uncomfortable doing that so I don't like being too intimate in our relationship but Chad does. . . Likes to be hugged and kissed. . . I'm Afraid of Hugs You guys should already know from the name of my youtube channel that I love traveling but let me tell you my five favorite places in the world Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Spain, Italy So that's my 50 things , you can leave a message below or write me a message on IG and ask what you still want to know. See you next week!

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