Bollywood Full Body Fat Blast Cardio Dance Workout! SIMMBA – Mera Wala Dance ft. Alisha ~ Emi

Hello guys, I'm Amy… I'm Alisha. So guys, you liked the last Indian dance training video that I did on my channel. You asked for more cardio exercises to burn body fat and become fit. Today I have a friend who joined me. She is an Indian dancer and choreographer. I have worked in Hollywood with big stars like Justin Bieber, and it is an honor for me to have you with me today to practice with us, and I am very happy to be here today with Amy and for you guys to do an Indian dance together that is fun and full of energy. The song chosen for today is called the Mera Wala dance. It's my favorite right now from a big Indian movie, so what we did is that we used dance moves from Bollywood to give you guys a fun routine full of vitality and energy that you can do at home. All of these moves are suitable for beginners. You guys all know that I can't do it. Dance well. So if I can move with her, you can then let's go. We sweated a lot. I hope you enjoyed this exercise and check out Alisha's channel, where you will find the latest song and dance videos. If you want to see any experiments with Indian snacks, write that in the comments and we will see you. Soon, guys

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