Toned Arms Workout | 15 min Upper Body Burn

We've got an upper- body workout today. Working those arms, chest, and back. Now, you can find the full schedule on my website and do share your journey on Youtube, Instagram, Tik-Tok or even join my Discord server if you are looking for workout buddies. Now smash that thumbs up button, and leave a comment down below on how you went, and let's get started! We've got 17 exercises today. 40 to 50 seconds on and 10 to 30 seconds off. Get your dumbbells ready and we're starting with hammer curl and press. Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure your core is engaged, your chest is up and your palms facing your body. Curl the weight forward with your arms while squeezing your biceps. Make sure your upper arm stays still, and then press the dumbbells upwards in a neutral grip, too. This works your arms and your shoulders. Guys, make sure your weights are not too light, or not too heavy. You want something challenging enough, but isn't going to affect your form. When it gets too easy, that's when you can increase your weight. Stay in the same position, we have lateral raise variation. Inhale as you raise your arms out to the side until your shoulder level. Then come back down and do a slightly angled lateral raise. Do it slow and controlled. Make sure your elbows stay above your wrist, and don't lift too high. Not over your shoulders. You don't want to injure your shoulders. Nice work, guys! Next we have overhead tricep extension. Lift the weights overhead, keeping your upper arms by your ears, and the weights pressed together, then bend at your elbows lowering the weight slowly. Make sure your elbows are tracking forward, not flaring out to avoid injuring your shoulder joints. Upright row is next. Hope your arms are feeling the burn right now. Start with the dumbbells in an overhand grip, then pull the weights until they are in line with the shoulders by bending at the elbow. Again, don't go too high up to avoid injuring your shoulder. Alright, next we've got rear delt fly. We're about to finish set one and we'll have a slightly longer rest time, so stay in it, guys! Hinge at your hips until your torso is almost parallel to the floor. Keeping your back neutral, knees slightly bent, and core engaged. Then pull dumbbells towards the ceiling, using your rear delts. Which is the muscles at the back of your shoulder. Then slowly lower the dumbbells down and repeat. Alright we've got a 20 seconds break here. You can grab some water if you need to, or rest if you need to and we'll start the second set with row and tricep extension. Hinge at your hips again with neutral back. Now, pull the dumbbells towards your chest, and then extend your arms and contract your triceps. Come back down and repeat. Next we've got bicep curl to press. Start with your palms facing out. Curl the weight forward and squeeze your biceps, while keeping your upper arms still and then perform a press. Do it slow and controlled and be safe. Dumbbell flies are next. Start with a slight bend on your left knee and lunge to the side a little. Then lift the dumbbell to the side. Keep a slight bend on your elbow and make sure you do not over extend. Do it slow and controlled, and you are working your rear delts and your back here. Now on to the other side. Again, do it slow and controlled. Great job, guys! We're more than halfway through the workout. Get in a high plank position and we've got renegade row next. Make sure your butt is not swaying too much from side-to-side, and not poking up as you pull up the dumbbell. Keep your core engaged. Alright, now flip around and get on your mat with your knees bent. We've got chest press next. Have the dumbbells next to your chest tilted at about 45 degrees, then press the dumbbells towards the ceiling, and contract your chest muscles. Alright, stay put. Next we've got chest fly. Have the dumbbells above your chest, then slowly lower them down with a bend on your elbows. Do it slow and controlled and avoid using heavy weights for this. Do not let the weights touch the floor. You don't want to injure your shoulders, and please practice being safe. It's best to start with your weights above your chest and not from the floor. We're almost at the end of the second set. Keep pushing guys, you can do it! Alright we've got 30 seconds break here. So grab some water and take a longer break if you need to. Next, we've got narrow push-up row. Get in a high plank position. Do a narrow push-up and follow it by two rows. Try to get your elbows as close to your torso as possible. This helps to work the tricep more and if this is too hard for you, you can try knee push-ups. Alright we've got four more exercises to go, guys. Stand upright, we've got bicep curl to hammer curls. Start curling the weight forward. Make sure you keep your upper arms stationary, do not swing your arms. Do it slow and controlled. Next we've got tricep kick backs. Hinge at your hips. Keep your core engaged and back neutral, and curl the dumbbells towards your chest. Then extend your dumbbell, squeezing your triceps. Make sure your upper arms are still and not swinging too much, and squeeze your triceps at the end of the movement. I wasn't focusing here, as my mind was wandering off somewhere. So yeah, mind-muscle connection is important. Alright next we've got around the world. Try not to use too heavy weight for this as well. You're basically drawing semi- circles with your dumbbells. Again, slow and controlled with a slight bend on your elbow. Keep pushing guys, you've got this! And the last exercise is negative lateral raise. Raise the dumbbells to the side, until shoulder-level, then slowly lower the dumbbells down. Very slowly. Feel the burn on your lateral delts. Again, do not lift the weights over the shoulder to avoid injury. You can also keep a slight bend on your elbow. And that's the workout, guys! Hope your arms are burning. Smash that like button, and leave a comment down below, and I'll see you in the next workout. Bye!

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