3 BEST Exercises For A Small Waist | Part 2 – Summer Challenge

hey guys and welcome to your second series so for your day one in this series we're to be focusing on giving you a small waist so what I'm going to do is show you the three best exercises to begin with and then we're going to go into a routine that you guys can do using these exercises don't forget to take up a full photo before you start this and make sure you take it at the end of the 30 days and send in your photos to me in the email in the description box below and before you jump into this workout make sure that you check out the quiz in the description box to see the best diet and training program for you you guys can get the most amazing transformations just like all these women on the screen so make sure to check out the course it's free so without further ado let's jump into the first workout okay guys so for the first move you've got to be facing me on your knees and we're just going to be balancing on one side all you're going to do is have one leg straight out you're going to lift it up and then you're going to bring that elbow in towards your hips and crunch so with this moves you want to make sure that you're keeping that core contracted you want to make sure that you're breathing out as you bring that elbow towards the hip and then you want it inhale as the leg goes back down and so that's it guys keep going make sure everything's nice and tight to keep that toe pointed [Music] that's it keep going keep breathing let's switch sides and same thing guys so make sure you bring the elbow tool to the hip bring that leg up and make sure you're really squeezing those obliques as you come into that crunch position it's like I'm just dance another border together without you I would be lost around the corners stay as long as I get you there to hold me and I guess you there to hold me never stop [Music] sit keep going make sure it's nice and tight together excellent job guys next move you're gonna come down onto Lane on your back come down nice and slowly and we're going to lift those legs up straight in front of us so for this move what you want to do is you want to do a slight crunch but as we come up we're going to twist our arm over to the other side of our lake so with this move you want to make sure that you're lifting those shoulder blades completely off of the floor the core is nice to contract it you're engaging as you come up in the crunch and you're exhaling as you come up inhale as you go down that's it guys keep going keep those legs up if there any reason you need to modify and bring those legs down you're welcome to bring it into a tabletop position or plant them on the floor that's it keep going keep squeezing and drop guys let's come up on to the next move which is going to be a side plank on your elbow so make sure your elbow is directly underneath that shoulder and all you're going to do is bring this hot arm you're going to come underneath your body and then come back up so again if you need to make any modifications here guys you can come down onto a plank on your knees do the same position the main thing we're focusing on here is twisting that waist as we rotate down fabulous work guys let's take that on to the other side straightaway so back on that elbow come up and let's twist it in and out great work keep that core sucked in remember naval sucked into the spine [Music] well done guys and guess what we're going to repeat that all over again because why not so just catch your breath have some water if you need some [Music] so remember the first movement leg out to the side and then bring it up and crunch let's go [Music] as you keep breathing through [Music] excellent guys let's take that on to the other side legs straight out and bring it up and down [Music] exit door guys let's move on to the floor so you want to come onto your back nice and slowly leg straight up in front of you and let's go into those sides or twist crunches that's it remember keep that core nice and engaged navel to sucked in bring those shoulder blades off of the floor [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it's a job guys and remember the final move is gonna be that side plank on the elbow lift yourself up and bring that arm under and up keep that core sucked in down and up [Music] Aixa job guys take it on to the other side your final move to bring the elbow up and then down and up fabulous work guys keep everything nice and tight make sure you're breathing make sure to really bring that arm underneath your chest and round and that's it guys well done so guys that's the end of day one of this series I hope you really did enjoy this workout if you did don't forget to hit the subscribe and make sure to give this video a big like because it really does help now don't forget to also check out the chords to find out the best diet and it's training program for you now before you go tell me guys or what was your favorite exercise out of this routine today let me know in the comments below [Music]

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