XHIT: Intense Mat Workout

today on X hit it's everybody's favorite it's the intense workout with me Rebecca Louise so eight moves 30 seconds each let's begin we're going to start we're doing opposite hand to toe 30 seconds just going to be using those abs keep those legs straight bring the arm up and crunching those tummy muscles if you can't touch your toe that's fine just as far as you can reach okay in 5 seconds we're going to go into donkey kickers okay onto your front we're going to kick up for 30 seconds keep that tummy pulled in it's going to help those abs too keep breathing the whole time guys it's an intense workout so it's meant to be hard keep going guys 10 seconds to go and five four 3 two okay next exercise we're going to go into lunge with alternate kick okay lunges with kicks 30 seconds keeping that body nice and Tall make sure when you lunge that knees not going over the toe keep going guys we're going to go into star jumps next in five 4 3 two one let's bring it back to Star jumps if you want to make it more intense you can do Superstar jumps so you want to bring it out remember you can always just do that star jump as long as your body is moving the whole time hey excellent job everyone and five 4 3 2 1 okay let's drop it down to the floor we're going to do plank to push-up 30 seconds again so bring it down to the plank up to the pushup you've only got 30 seconds keep that tummy pulled in the whole time remember if you need to modify it you can either hold it up here or you can drop it down to the plank position just as long as you keep doing something want to make sure that body's in motion the whole time okay we're going to take it in to Jump squats so squat down and jump if you need to modify it you can just squat you can just take out that jump nice and easily if you want to push yourself let's add in that jump keep going guys right to the end three seconds and release okay everyone back down to the floor this is your moment to breathe so we're going to do a Superman so hold it up nice and high legs raised arms raised you are almost finished with half of your [Music] workout if you want to intensify this exercise you can swim through it too if you can just hold it up here that's fine too your last exercise it's going to be booty kickers in three two one let's spring up and booty kickers for the last 30 seconds of this half workout excellent job everyone you're almost there keep that tummy pulled in and keep breathing you've guessed it we're going to do it all over again aren't we lucky okay three two one back down onto the floor so back down onto our backs and we're going to touch our toes crunching in those abs really using those abs to pull us [Music] up you can feel the crunch we're aiming for those washboard herbs can you remember the next exercise donkey kickers in five 4 3 two one and let's bring them to those donkey kickers bringing those heels up to a booty remember if you need to just slow it down just want to make sure that we're moving our body the whole time so we're improving our strength and our fitness keep going guys three two one okay let's take it into those lunges and kicks this is really good for your balance too so keep that tummy pulled in nice and tight that's going to help squeezing those glutes and holding in that tummy and kick as high as you can and a nice big lunge at the back and next we're going to go into our star jumps super star jumps if you want to give me one more kick and let's take into those star jumps oh yeah if you want to push yourself even further Superstar jumps or if you're finding not will start jumps a little bit too hard you can modify it by taking it out to the side just as long as you keep moving the whole time excellent job everyone keep it up 5 4 3 2 one back down to the floor for your Superman this is your 30 second breather just lifting that chest up and raising those legs at the back back squeezing those glutes is going to give you extra toning keep going guys see if you can lift a little bit higher remember if you want to push yourselves even further you can add the swim into the Superman okay after this exercise there 5 seconds left you've just got 30 seconds left of booty kickers so you ready 30 seconds left let's kick those butts there's some 30 seconds to go guys and you've nearly finished your intense workout you've done a great job so far so let's keep going right to the end keep breathing keep going guys excellent okay 4 3 2 1 and now you can release well done guys if you managed to get through that intense workout you should be really proud of yourselves and here on EX hit 5 days a week bringing you new and intense workout regimes so subscribe to our Channel leave me a comment and I'll get back to you my name's Rebecca Lise I hope to see you again [Music] soon yeah yeah for

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