5 min ABS WORKOUT | At Home | Intense Core Burn

how's it going everyone my name's michaela and we're about to do a five minute at-home abs workout it's gonna be super short but super intense you don't need any equipment so grab your mat and let's get toning all right first move come on to your back knees bent and feet hip width you're going to diagonally crunch reaching one arm between your legs and then switch here we go exhale inhale good get those shoulders off the ground long neck [Music] beautiful we have eight seconds left 30 seconds per move there are no breaks in today's workout here we go let those feet off the ground we're going to crunch up tap the toes and lower good and if you do want to challenge yourself then just tap those toes further out [Music] elbows wide [Music] all right arms down you're going to crisscross those legs they are hovering off the ground and for a challenge lift the head and shoulders off the ground [Music] good so you can get those legs a little bit lower pressing the low spine into the floor [Music] good and l switches switch those legs [Music] good and if it gets a little bit tough on your neck you can either drop that head or bring hands behind your neck here [Music] all right plant the right foot down extend the left leg lower side crunch and knee good straight leg and knee good so we're twisting towards that leg exhaling on every crunch [Music] switch sides plant the left foot right leg to the sky down twist and crunch down twist knee all right double crunch exhale slowly lower [Music] good think of crunching up towards the sky versus crunching forward [Music] god right jackknife reaching arms and legs then crunch and reach inhale [Music] exhale and if this is too challenging for you then just keep those legs bent all right to find a low plank position draw knee to chest scoop to the belly step back exhale inhale good every time you return back to that plank position find that flat line and engage the glutes exhale [Music] inhale stay here we're shifting the weight forward and back good come on to the tiptoes rock back into the heels good 15 seconds left push through keep that flat line with the body everything is engaged core glutes legs three two and one you did it awesome job you guys that was a killer if you enjoyed this workout don't forget to subscribe to my channel like this video and follow me on my fitby mc instagram account i will see you in our next workout bye [Music] you

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