8 Minute Chair Cardio- Simple And Quick At Home Workout

hey guys Dr Christy Enis welcome to follow me Friday where motion is lotion and today we are revving up that heart and that metabolism all while seated to get you energized for the day all right let's get started with a little warmup we're going to do some shoulder circles backwards opening up those Palms we're going backwards because we spend so much time forwards that we're going to open up before we start to get into it right we're going to get it today for sure and you're going to follow right along with me that's be beauty of follow me Friday so the other thing too we're going to go through one round of these exercises if you happen to want to get a little bit more sweaty today see if you can get where that reference is from That's a classic you're going to go ahead and do a couple rounds of this right so go all the way through and then go ahead right start it on over two to three rounds even we're going to do one more little shoulder Circle and then like I said we're getting right at it so we're going to go with those arm crosses you're going to try to keep them as big as you can you can keep low if it bothers your shoulder for any reason we're working on getting that heart rate up if you need to work a little harder go a little faster if your heart rate's already getting up go a little slower you don't have to follow exactly my heart rate must be up you don't have to follow exactly along with me we're going to do a few more here right we're working all our muscles today too as well as that cardiovascular system so woohoo lots of good stuff today couple more good and we're changing it up we're going to go right into a little heel dig and a bicep curl so again watch your pace for what's good for you you want to be breathing hard but still be able to have a conversation and because you are getting sweaty sweaty especially if you're doing multiple rounds today that's why I have my water bottle with my element in it got the watermelon flavor which if you guys have seen me before you know is one of my favorites love the Citrus too but they do also have a ton of different flavors which is one of the cool things and if you're a salty sweater like me they've got 1,000 Mig of sodium 200 Mig of potassium 60 Mig of magnesium and no artificial yucky stuff at all all right we're going to do a couple more it's already getting harder for me to talk and because you guys are my awesome listeners they've got a deal for you if you go to drink LM nt.com christianis here we go we're going to switch it up arms come over head bring those elbows down squeeze those shoulders lift that knee you get a free eight pack of all their yummy Samplers when you place in order so check that out too so here we go we're adding more muscle groups in which're just going to get that heart rate I really can't talk that heart rate up a little bit higher I'm going to speed it up just a touch trying to stay up nice and Tall engaging in through those abs too oh oh there goes my microphone again it just wants to say hi focus in on that breathing like I said and you can even notice you want to start to breathe a little bit harder but still be able to talk I got to talk to this whole video today all right from here we're going to take scooch a little forward on that chair bring those legs a little wider one leg's going to go out to the side as that other arm reaches over head and we're alternating Reach for the Stars right that's what my mom always said really try to reach the side there goes a snap crackle pop not a bad thing so the awesome thing about this is that you could do it anywhere because you don't need any equipment you just need your chair you could even do this on the side of your bed if you want it or couch no excuses now not to get some workout in right keep it going few more on each side one more to each side good okay I'm going to bring my knee to my opposite elbow and we're alternating here trying to stay nice and Tall think about squeeze those abs as you pull down sometimes easier said than done right so again working on of course proper form getting all those muscles activated as well as getting that heart rate up and you really should be starting to feel some good energy right here hopefully so I know I said do this in the morning before you start your day you need a little pickme up during the day obviously an easy thing to do than to hopefully you just don't want to be around a lot of people although it doesn't bother me it might bother you guys though keep it going going almost on to the next one and only lift up as high as you can right again elbow clearly doesn't need to touch that knee one more and we're going to add in a little punch and a kick so opposite leg again kick it punch it try not to be super forceful right too forceful so that you you don't want to irritate your knees at all either we're not only trying to work hard but we're also trying to feel good in our body parts at the same time right keep it going we are more than halfway through at this point so give yourselves a pat on the back and probably a drink of water if you need it which I'm going to in a second so I'm sorry guys and before the next exercise I do have to grab a sip almost there with this one good one more quick pause for our station identification no just kidding okay awesome go ahead bring those hands into a fist you're going to start on one side and come up and over here we go still with that marching so again notice we're using lots of different body parts here as we go gets our heart rate up more more calorie burn too at that same time if we use a little bit more okay getting harder to talk but I still can right so I'm okay if you really wanted to do something like a high intensity interval you would be doing shorter intervals and you actually wouldn't be able to talk and even having more rest just so that you're aware of kind of the difference there a little bit all right we're going into a fake jump rope so you're going to either go one knee at a time or if you can you're going to do both and I'm going backwards again just so that we can stay open so again either one is fine I feel a little silly but I got to tell you I don't mind feeling silly and sometimes I kind of like it cuz see it makes me smile and it makes me laugh so hopefully it's doing that for you too and three more two more one more okay really engage in those abs we're going to give a firm uppercut here get that aggression out hopefully you've already gotten some of it out anyways and we only have one more exercise to go from here notice I'm not swinging my whole body I'm really trying to use those abs to help me no punching yourself I know that sounds like maybe impossible but trust me I've had some clients and is not and sometimes you just get so excited and into it that it happens so just be careful that's all I'm saying one last exercise we're going to bring those arms back I'm actually going to bring that leg back this time as I br

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