What I Eat in a Day as a Fitness Trainer

hey guys it's Holly dokey online fitness YouTuber and coach and I'm going to be sharing with you everything that I eat in a day so I usually wake up between half seven and eight depending on the day but let's just say it's a school day so I would wake up about 7 30 go to the bathroom do all my jazz brush my teeth and then I would go in the kitchen and make Eva breakfast while I'm making her breakfast I will always have a green tea and I'll always make sure that I have water first thing in the morning just because I'm extremely thirsty um so yeah that's what I make first thing in the morning then I get Eva up sit down and we have brekkie together she actually eats I don't I'm never that hungry at like cool today in the morning it's just not gonna happen so I might pick at her toast or her oats or something but it's not like I'm gonna make my own Bowl but anyway get dressed take her to school come back and then I will always do a workout fasted I don't know I've just always enjoyed doing that it's just something that I personally enjoy but yes I will always work up fasted have a shower get ready and then it's time for me to eat so for me breakfast will always kind of depend on my mood and what I fancy most of the time it is always going to be a chocolate protein shake I pack it with oats banana peanut butter and then chocolate protein powder to me especially on a work day it's just the quickest and easiest thing for me to eat because I hate cooking if I'm fancying something else sometimes another thing that I might have is toast with this like protein chocolate spread with some strawberries on the side or I'll make myself oatmeal which will always include oats almond milk chia seeds frozen berries which will always just be raspberries most of the time because I don't like any other one in my oatmeal and then I will always top that with either the chocolate protein spread or I will have peanut butter of course I will drink a lot of water throughout the day my meal remember to make sure my drink is always two liters and I try and aim for like two and a half to three I'm just a thirsty person especially with like the exercise that I like to do or walking or something I just like hydrating people so make sure you drink plenty of water after I've had that it normally I'll do my work I typically don't have a snack in the morning just because I'm not hungry at this point and again it will vary depending on what I've had to eat but most of the time I'll wait till like 12 1 o'clock and then I'll make myself some lunch so for lunch one of my go-to's at the minute has been making myself quinoa then I will do some vegetables which always consists because I'm a boring person of courgette peppers and broccoli and then in the bowl I'll also include some form of protein whether that's going to be chicken with like a fajita spice on it mackerel or tuna so I'll throw that in the bowl and then I'll always top it with salsa and jalapenos and a little bit of cheese that's like my go-to lunch at the moment it is so good or honestly if it's like a timer like I can't be bothered to cook I'll order in some food and Aaron my husband and I will always either get this chicken wrap that is so good I get it's literally just a wrap with salad chicken cheese and then Greek yogurt inside of it or you could get mustard it is so good that's one of my like absolute loves or sometimes what we will do is I will actually get this burrito bowl made from this place called guacamole in Lisbon and it's really great it's very quick and it's basically just a kind of broken down burrito but in a bowl form so you'll get rice or you could get salad at a base depends on my mood it might be salad it might be rice and you get chicken peppers onions black beans you can add guacamole on top yum cheese jalapenos and any type of spice like Flavor that you like whether you want it mild or spicy there are options but yes that's typically what we do for lunch then after I've done my work whether that's been filming or whether it's been meetings or just like planning I then will usually go get my daughter around 3 30. I know it seems like she's in school a long day people but you have to remember that she naps from 12 to 3 so there's no point in getting her before because she'd be at school for like two hours at this point so I will always go and get my daughter we'll walk back home we'll come in normally at this point she likes to have like milk she's got an obsession with like these Army built cartons and so she'll have that even though she's already had a snack she always wants more so I will give her that and then my snack around this time at the moment has been cucumber slices with sweet chili and cheese don't ask me why I'm just loving it all what I'll do is I'll have another cup of tea normally at this time I have chamomile tea and I love to have a couple of dark squares of lint chocolate always 85 that is what I like to have or if my husband's actually gone and got some cheeky biscuits I'll have a couple of biscuits for example I know at the minute he's got Ginger biscuits in the cupboard I will be having a few of those later but normally around that time that is my snack or what I'll do if Eva is still feeling a little bit hungry I'll make her an eye up like a little platter of like strawberries raspberries and then a couple bits of chocolate not gonna lie so we always have a little bit of chocolate at the minute it's um Easter and so what we are doing is I've got her these cute little chocolate bunnies so I give her one of those and so that's just like something that we will have and then I will do her dinner so while she has dinner I don't eat with Eva during the week I sit with her and maybe have my snack at that point but I always do her dinner earlier on a school like that the weekends from Friday Saturday and Sunday we always eat dinner together so so during the weekday again I really hate cooking so I have my um so I actually do have a housekeeper that does help me cook she does just the cleaning and the washing for me because I'm terrible at it and she also helps me with the cooking during the week doing the meal prep so I did my breakfast at lunch and she is a saint she helps me with dinner and so at this point she would have cooked me something delicious to eat at the weekends we always do takeaways Friday and Saturday is always takeaway night in my house or we go for dinner and there is what we order and most of the time we're pretty predictable it's always gonna be um Indian food which I love so I'll have a chicken chicken masala or I will get sag chicken and we always get that with rice or I get sag mushrooms so if I've got not obviously the chicken sag or get the slack mushrooms and so there's some sort of like Grill and veggies in there have some little bit of rice delicious we might order a pizza because that's delicious on my pizza I always try to make sure there's veggies and a protease I'll always tr

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